Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, December 10, 2012

Recently . . .


Being sick and having a nose ring suck.

Or at least that's what I hear.  I don't have a nose ring, but I am sick.  Aside from going to the Wendy's drive-thru for a baked potato, I haven't left the house since Friday. I'm currently wearing a hooded sweater I got when I was twelve, and my dad's old sweat pants.  Things are prettty cute over here.  

Anyway.  Here's a bunch of random items of business that have been hanging out in my phone for awhile now.  
1.  James and I have moved three times this year . . . and subsequently lost our Christmas tree.  Well, actually, we only lost one third of it.  So we have a little baby tree this year.  Way easy to decorate!  Total perk.

2.  I have been into embroidery lately, so I bought some cheap-o stockings at Walmart and sewed some Christmas cheer on to them.  So fun!

3.  James' mom gave us this cute little Christmas village to put in our home this year . . . and I am in love!  It's so perfectly vintage.
4.  Uh.  I think you know that you're officially an adult when you get excited about the fact that your anniversary present this year is a dryer.  This picture was taking moments after I kissed this blessed tool.

5.  My friend, Julie, lent James and me Seinfeld and we have watched it in it's entirety two times . . . over the past four months.  We're an eclectic brood.
6.  A few weeks ago my grandma asked me if I wanted to take a walk in the cemetery with her, and obviously I couldn't refuse an offer like that.  When she arrived to pick me up, we were wearing the same sweater.  Exactly.  The first thing she said to me was, "Tounges are gonnna wag."  Best phrase ever?

7.  Homemade.  Cat sweater.  Oh, you want one?  Here's the tutorial:  (click)

So, that's about that!  What've you been up to?  Can you beat smooching a dryer?


Emma Frances said...

You're the best! I'm loving the sweatpants and 12 year old's sweatshirt mental image. Haha! Also, please teach me how to embroider!! I love your stockings!

Alexis Kaye said...

Tongues are gonna wag?! I can't be sure what that means but I could guess. Either way, word to ya grandma! And what is this TV/fireplace type deal?! It looks like a glorious item :) And you look lovely, duh.

from head 2 toe said...

Your Grandma is a total character! How adorable! Umm, I will be smooching my HUBSY in 12 days and I can't wait. Not sure if that beats a dryer....

And puuuurrrfect hair as always. (nod to the cat sweater)

Deveny said...

HAHAH Your grandma is awesome.
I can't beat a dryer smooch except I did get to jump on your sick train this weekend. Nyquil dreams are pretty up there on the list right?

Elyse Beard said...

Seinfeld is the best show in existence. And the party about you and your grandma is the best. One time I was wearing a swingy skirt and walked past my grandma (who is ridiculously proper and old school) and she looked at my butt and aid, "look at the swing in that backyard". Whoa.

Annette said...

Love your cat sweater! So glad the little candy cane village found a good home. It looks great!

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

Your grandma sounds amazing. Good job on the stockings! Hope you feel better soon. I was surprised at first. I was like "I didnt know she had a nose ring" haha.

Autumn said...

Your grandma sounds hilarious...I love that you were wearing the same sweater too.

A dryer is an EXCITING thing. Our move to Georgia was the first time we had had an air conditioner, washer/dryer, and a dishwasher. We're talking miracles.