Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Have you ever met a fairy before?

Because I have.

Her name is Jostyln Stilson, and she has magical powers.

For all of our good qualities, my husband and I are not photogenic.  We try.  We really do.  We even practice sometimes.  I'll say, "Hey honey, will you show me your smile face?"  And he'll raise his eyebrows up really high and open his eyes really wide and I'll say, "Very good!  I love you!"  My smile face is even worse.  I always tilt my head ever so slightly to the right, point my chin down, and do this half sqinty thing with my eyes.  It's my "Chelsea face".  Est. 2007.

On a rainy day in October, Jostlyn took our photos.  She was on a tight schedule that day, and only had 20 minutes.  So the equation we're looking at right now is rain + 20 minutes + awkwardly photographed couple.  It doesn't sound too great, right?  Well that's where the magic comes in.  Instead of looking like a couple of clinically insane, wet rodents James and I ended up looking . . . well, you'll see . . .

I'm so glad we were able to get these pictures taken.  This is a stage in my life I never want to forget.  As much as I sometimes want to microwave time, I am so grateful that I've had the opportunity to spend so much time with just my husband.  I know this is a phase that doesn't last long, and I am determined to soak in as much goodness as I can!

Thanks so much to ROZ Photography for the wonderful pictures!!  If you get a minute, be sure to check out her blog.  She really is a talented little fairy.


Courtney B said...

Stunning!! Such a good lookin' couple! Were these taken here in town? Such pretty scenery!

Ah, I loved seeing you today! It's been way way way too long! Hot chocolate asap?!

Annette said...

These are so great!!! How wonderful to have these and the photographer is fantastic! Thanks for sharing these.

Autumn said...

These photos are so, so beautiful!!

Such a good looking couple and...your hair is great even with the rain!

(I feel pretty awesome because we own the same shirt and I just bought a pair of red skinnies...twins?!)

Samuel Hardman Taylor said...

The black and white photo of you, Ms. Chelsea, is what I think Tyra would call stellar. You have more than smeyes going on right there sister, sister.

(Can we get Donny and Marie pictures taken sometime? You know for when we are Internet celebs.)

Kylie said...

She is a fairy and you ended up looking fabulous! Love them so much.

The Braided Bandit said...

Wow these turned out fabulously! You both look terrific, love the bright outfit you chose for the shots and the photography and location are perfect! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

Deveny said...

These are gorgeous!! The profile pics in color just need to be framed ASAP.

Cyndy said...

Chels, I love those pictures. You 2are so cute together. When do I get a couple of the pictures. I love you alot and miss you.

Miss Mochi said...

You are totally delusional to think you are not photogenic!

I can never not smile in photos. Every time we get professional photos taken (and you know my mother is obsessed) they always try the serious and thoughful pose.

The last time we viewed the shot, my mom said I looked constipated and angry.

Three cheers for braces!

Stesha Jordan said...

I love these family pictures! you guys look amazing :)


Stesha Jordan said...

I love these family pictures! you guys look amazing :)


A+J said...

Cutest pictures ever ever! Now I'm craving new family pics. Xoxo