Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Bring on the tryptophan and pass the cranberry sauce.  It's time to stop being thankful, and start eating.  Thanksgiving is the one day of every year where you can eat your feelings and it's not only acceptable . . . it's encouraged.  For every "I'm thankful for . . . " post you have read on Facebook, you get one serving of pie. I'm serious.

If you skimmed this blog post, you probably are thinking "Really, Chelsea?  Another thankful post?"  But I promise you, this one is different.  A few days ago, one of my choicest friends posted an anti-thanks thankful post.  I hadn't ever read a post like that, and so I ripped him off.  Life is hard.  We signed up for it, so it's not like I'm complaining . . . but that being said, sometimes the "bad" things are difficult to overlook.  Sometimes I forget how much I have learned (am learning) from the things in life that are not "perfect".  For instance . . .

....I am thankful for my insecurities.  Without them, I don't  believe that I would have ever learned compassion.

....I am thankful that James and I fight about stupid things.  If we fought about serious things, that would mean we have serious problems.  I'll take a fight over the last cinnamon roll over a fight about infidelity any day.

...I am thankful that I miss my family.  This is my first holiday season without my parents, and while it has been hard knowing that I will not spend it with them, I am grateful that I have family to miss.

...I am thankful for a simple lifestyle.  To most, the life my husband and I lead would seem rather uneventful--but our lackluster days make our special ones seem even more special.

...I am thankful that I am currently unemployed.  This has caused me to evaluate how I spend my free time, and has taught me how to be productive when it seems I have "nothing to do".

...I am thankful for the failures I have experienced in life.  I honestly have learned more from the things in my life that have gone "wrong" than the successes I have had.

...I am thankful that my local friends and I are not as close as we once were.  This has forced me to bond with my grandmother in a way that most grandchildren do not get to experience.

...I am thankful that James and I do not currently have a child. While this is something I desire more than anything, I know that when the time comes for me to be a mother, I will appreciate that baby sooooo much--because it wasn't easy for him or her to get here.

...I am thankful that I didn't get a puppy a few weeks ago.  I wanted one really bad . . . but looking back, I honestly don't think it would have been a wise decision.

...I am thankful for the times when I feel uncomfortable.  Especially in social situations.  I am learning to grow, and to be confident in the person that I am.

There you have it, baby.  What I am really thankful for this Thanksgiving.

What is on your Anti-Thanks list?


Samuel Hardman Taylor said...

Chelsea, this was beautiful. Despite the fact that I am experiencing the worst and most trying Thanksgiving in my life today, this made me grateful for amazing friends. I'll see you over Christmas Break.


Sean Marie said...

Love, love, love, love it. Especially the one about stupid fights. So true. Have a great Thanksgiving you sexy little woman!

Annette said...

I'm thankful for you and James, for all my family. We aren't a perfect group (by far!) but I am thankful to be a part of a family. See you tonight!!

heber said...

Chelsea, I am thankful I get to teach the most challenging, but most sweet and uniquely special children on earth at school each day. In seeing their challenges, I learn to have more patience and compassion.

I am also thankful that I did not grow up in a wealthy family as to physical treasures. That has made me treasure spiritual things all the more. And I am thankful that I have an imperfect family too, like Mom T. said, because it makes me love and accept them all the more fully in my life, as I am all too imperfect too.

And lastly, I am thankful that James waited to find such a beautiful, sweet and sincere daughter of God, and did not hurry the most important decision in his life. Keep writing so well, Chelsea dear. I love to read your words and feel the sincerity of your heart.

MicheleBryant said...

I'm thankful for you Chelsea and miss you so very much! I'm thankful that you found such a sincerely good man to marry. I'm grateful for your wonderful inlaws and for their love and concern for your wellbeing. I'm grateful for our family and extended family.
I love you!

Amber said...

hmmm, these are really good thoughts and anti-thanks, but i would have to think about mine! i have no idea. anyway, i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving!

Kristen said...

I am always so in awe of you. You are one amazing gal Chelsea! James is a lucky man!

Kylie said...

This is so perfect. Right now, I feel like my anti-thanks are a little too personal, but you certainly helped me to put some things in perspective.