Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Lately

Let's get real, guys.  Do you ever feel like you just have so much to say, but you're afraid that everyone will think it's totally boring, so you never write it down?

I do.  Basically everyday. 

Today is not one of those days, though.  

These past few months have been hard.  And I feel stupid for saying that, because I know that my life is not as difficult as so many people in the world who endure horrendous trials every day.  Keeping that in mind, in the past three months . . . .

xx James and I moved to New Jersey
xx We found out the the company we were working for had failed to get the proper permits to make our work there legal
xx James and I moved back from New Jersey
xx Our only vehicle at the time broke down completely
xx My dad got a new job . . . in Colorado
xx My entire family (-grandma) moved to Colorado
xx My husband got a job working out of town 5 days/week

Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot, but for me (the mama's girl who doesn't deal with change very well) it has been a little crazy.  Things have been a little lonely.  Okay, maybe a lot lonely considering some of the most quality human interaction I've had over the past few weeks has been through the drive thru speakers at McDonald's.  

 But, you know what?  I really feel super blessed. And, it's not all just because of the amazing Southwest Chicken Salad at McDonald's (ah.  I could write a whole post on that.) Since coming home, I've been able to realize some wonderful things.  Namely . . . 

oo I have a sweet husband who is willing to do a job he doesn't love so that he can provide for me.  
oo I have a grandma who will watch Lifetime movies with me anytime I ask.  
oo At Dairy Queen, you can buy one get one Blizzard for 99 cents.  

It's okay that McDonald's and Dairy Queen are mentioned in one blog post, right? I still have some dignity left?

Anyway.  This post is mainly pointless, but I feel like it's a step in the right direction.  At least I'm caught up on all the boring stuff now, so I can write awesome stuff again.  

What's been going on in your lives?  I really, truly want to know.  Leave me a link in the comments of your favorite post you've written in the last two months . . . because seriously, I have been the worst blogger ever.  Haha.  


Kaylie said...

Chels! I am so sorry to hear about all the bummer stuff going on :( BUT I'm glad that you have some awesome stuff going for you too!! We are back in Cedar now if you ever need a friend to chill with. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

Chelsea!!! Those are BIG things!!! I feel like a bad friend for not knowing about all of them :( I want to watch lifetime movies with you and eat McDonald's salads. I'm sorry you've had to go through lots of crap. All of those are big adjustements. You can always shoot me an e-mail if you need someone to talk to! I'm more than willing to listen (read) :)

I think facebook has kind of kept us up to date. I don't know how I could update you in a single post. My life has been pretty stressful too, but it's been good.

Love you! :D

Katie said...

Um, yeah. Those things would majorly stress me out, too. I'm sorry about all of that. But I'm glad that you blogged again! My biggest update is that ima have a baby! And that my temporary job is about to end and I'm wondering what the heck I'm gonna do until this baby's born. So yeah. That's pretty much that :)

Deveny said...

Hey now, let's not hate on DQ for not being a BIG DEAL. ;)
I was going to write an entire post on some Blue Bunny ice cream that had waffle cone pieces and Breyers Oreo B-day ice cream.... lol
I've miss your posts!!

Melissa Jane said...

This is definitely not a boring blog post! You just cram packed all kinds of emotion, events and fun all in one. You can vent every now and then. That's what blog friends are for, right?!

Sinead said...

Wow crazy things seem to be happening right now, its been a busy month for me also! I'm very jealous about the Maccas salad, it sounds delicious, but we don't get them in New Zealand! Enjoy one for me :D

Annette said...

Hang in there!!! Oh, and I LOVE those Southwest salads! They are so very yummy. Lisa loves 'em, too. It's my theory that August is just a plain hard month for everyone. September should look better I hope.

Sean Marie said...

Wow, you have has a lot going on lately! Glad you still keep your sense of humor about it all though. Made me laugh, per usual. I have been an absolute nut basket lately and don't know where my mind has gone. I've almost burned down my own kitchen twice in the past couple weeks and did the same to my parents kitchen. Completely losing it, I swear!

Miss Mochi said...

Sheesh. I stress when I switch from doing mostly opening shifts to closing shifts. I stress when I need to do laundry because I'm out of clean panties. I stress when I forget my lunch at home and it's between spending money on fast food or skipping a meal.

You, girl, are superwoman.

heber said...

Dear Chelsea,
We have missed you these past few weeks and hope you will be able to come down with James sometime and go to the temple with us to do some sealings or initiatories. I enjoy reading your articles and blog entries. And Mom and I will also have to come up and see your place this fall, when you have it all fixed up and beautiful. We are so proud of you and James for your resilience and faith. Thing will become better and you will be blessed for having endured these harder times.

Much love and prayers,

Dad Trunnell

LaynahRose said...

Chelsea those things are big!

The only change going on in my life is my wedding next month and it's almost been more than I can handle lately. I've never been a grown up before :/

But the good things are big too! My word! It sounds like everything is starting to settle down and maybe when the dust clears you'll be able to see the blessing behind it all.

Courtney B said...

I'm such a lame, LAME friend!! I'm so sorry! These are HUGE changes and I haven't been there for you when you were totally there for me! SO sorry! Let's plan a date asap!!

Kylie said...

My husband and I had such crazy schedules our first year and a half of marriage that it felt like we only saw each other on weekends, so I can empathize a little. You should consider investing in Netflix....that was my "husband" when I got lonely ;) Hope things look up for you soon!

Hope Wiltfong said...

You're keeping a great attitude, sweetie! These are all going to make great stories for you to tell your kids - and yes, I can get poetic about McDonald's and DQ at almost any time. HANG IN THERE!!! And keep sharing all the silly little stuff with us - you've got (and need, I think) our support, and we gotta know about what you're going through!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It sounds like a lot but hopefully things calm down soon!! Mcds and DQ anytime is a great time!!

Brooke said...

Okay, I'm so glad we weren't the only people who struggled with that whole thing in NJ! And moving is SO HARD, don't even feel bad about it. You are adorable, and I hope you start feeling better soon :)