Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Things Saturday {Mind=Blown Edition}

1.  Did you guys know that Matthew Broderick voices "adult Simba" in The Lion King?

Friggin' Ferris Bueller is Simba. 

2.  Did you know that you only breathe out of one nostril at a time? 
(Do you even care?  Haha.)

3.  Did you know that Back to the Future was almost a Disney film? 

However, due to the scene with Marty kissing his mom in the car, Disney thought it would be too extreme for their audience (source). 

4.  Did you know that Tom Cruise and Cher dated in the 80's?

5.  Did you know that the average person spends seven hours a month on Facebook?

I thought it would be a lot more than that  . . .

6.  Did you know that the bible has been translated into Klingon?

Weird stuff, right?

On a totally un-realted note:
This gorgeous human is my sister.  And she is turning 20 today! 
Happiest Birthday, Jacquelyn!!


Cyndy said...

Chels, you are to funny. You are also an awesome sister to include your beautiful sister on your blog on her birthday. I love both of you very much and miss you alot. Give Jacquelyn a huge hug for me, and then she can give you a hug and then a group hug, I think you get the meaning......hugs all around!!!!!!

Sara @ Untold Stories of a 20 Something said...

Uh, I just checked the nostril thing, You're right! Who freakin' knew?!...besides you. You're a genius!

Denise said...

How funny and crazy is this? haha Klingon, reminds me of Big Bang Theory :)

Jessica said...

Haha! Yeah, I found out about Simba when the Blu-Ray came out. But klingon totally reminds me of Big Bang Theory. ;)

Deveny said...

Simba? Really? I would never have guessed... Klingon bible on the other hand? Totally believable. Trekies be trippin'. haha

Elisabeth Gee said...


Arielle said...

I can't believe Tom Cruise and Cher dated. What a disastrous couple!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Ahahaha That is too funny. Thanks for the laughs :) And knowledge!

Alyx said...

Not going to lie... I sat here just breathing on my hand for like, 2 minutes to test the one nostril thing. Holy cow, who knew?!
And I had no idea that Matthew Broderick was grown-up Simba! Where have I been living? Under a frickin' rock? Apparently.

:: ashley :: said...

I am thrilled you found my blog because I just read your last few posts and your are hilarious- lets be blog buggies stat?! I had a crush on simba back in the day...

LeAhnna said...

You're kidding...the Bible into Klingon?? That is just too weird.
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! It made my day :)

life in a nutshell

Laura Beth said...

I am amazed by this knowledge of nostrils. No joke! haha my roomies and I are just sitting here blowing out air now. Love it!