Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, February 14, 2011


If you don't know Lynae Lewis, you probably should.  She is an absolute doll, and will bring immediate sunshine to your soul.  Seriously, people.  She twinkles and she glows.  And, in addition to that, she nominated me for this blog award:
Bless her heart.

So to participate, the rules are:
#1: Thank the person who nominated you
#2: Share seven facts about yourself
#3: Nominate 7 new bloggers to participate.
Be sure to comment on their blog so they know they've won, too!

I've already let you in on a few secrets, but here are some more semi-interesting tid-bits.
  • I love curling hair.  I wear my hair curly almost everyday because I think it's fun to do.  If you want your hair curled, it would bring me great pleasure to do the honors.
  • My phone is the least fancy phone in all the land, and I love it that way.  I think T9 is the way to text.
  • I'm a Sociology major because I love to stalk people.  Sorry if it creeps you out, but I'm probably way familiar with your blog.   
  • I drive my Great Grandmother's 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.  
(Very popular in Afghanistan, I might add).
  • This is playing in my head 75% of the time, lately:
  • When I was six, I broke my neck at the C1 and C2--the same place Christopher Reeve broke his neck.  
  • This was my favorite Valentine of the year:
Pretty much sums up my relationship with my husband.  Awesome, right?
So now I tag the following:

Happy Valentines Day.  From me to you.


Kristen said...

Amazing! You are just great! I thoroughly enjoyed reading these interesting facts about you! Remember how we real friends now? haha. Lets keep working on that! We should hang!

p.s. Thanks for nominating me!!!

tifsong said...

here's mine, darling.