Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ezra | 2 Months

I guess since Ezra will officially be 3 months in five days, it is only fitting that I write about his 2nd month.

Milestones:  Ezra really started noticing his hands during his second month.  He loves to put his fists in his mouth.  I believe Ezra's "ideal situation" involves him being naked, on my bed, with the fan turned on, and both fists in his mouth.  In fact, we may never need to purchase Ezra toys.  His hands are his best buds.  Ezra also started drooling a lot this month.  When I walk around the house holding him facing out, I usually get a few puddles of saliva on my foot.  It's a situation.

Sleeping:  Okay, so I don't want to be braggy . . . . but my baby is a total rockstar when it comes to sleeping.  Around 7 weeks, Ezra started sleeping through the night.  I know, I know.  We're blessed.

Best Moment:  Bah!  So many to choose from.  I'm going to cheat and list two . . .

1.  Ezra's baby blessing.  My family drove over from Colorado to be here and James' family came up from St. George.  Ezra was blessed to be a "beacon of happiness" and counseled to emulate the best qualities of his parents.  After the blessing, the whole group of us went to Ihop and had a fun breakfast together. ( I, unfortunately, was a ding bat and didn't bring my camera.  So . . . just paint yourself a nice mental picture of that.)

2.  Grandma Michele comes to visit!  My mom stayed with us for a week after Ezra's blessing, and it was SO FUN to have her here.  It (literally) was the best week of my life.  Ezra loved having his grandma bicycle his legs and having her sing him silly songs.  We wish she could just move in with us!

Worst Moment:  Hmmmm.  I had mastitis around week 5 and was kind of a wreck.  I know this whole thing really isn't about me, but I can't really think of anything too worthy of "worst moment" for Ezra.  There were a few really fussy days where Ezra rebelled against sleeping during the day, but other than that he was a little dream!

Eating:  Ezra ate about every 2-3 hours during day and then sometimes would wake up once during the night.  At his 2 month doctor's appointment, Ezra weighted 11.55 pounds and was about 25 inches long.  The boy is  t a l l .

Here are some pictures of my little peanut taken between his 1st month birthday and 2nd month birthday.

My mom bought these little shoes for Ezra the day we found out his gender. 

His fist or wrist is always in his mouth.  

Cutest little pumpkin I ever saw!

Totally eating a piece of cake in Ezra's honor.  I mean, he'll get it vicariously, right?  Happy 2 months, baby boy!


Miss Mochi said...

Love the new look! And yeah.. if your baby was short it'd be a bit strange considering his lineage! Pumpkin outfit is too cute!

MicheleBryant said...

I love this! I wish, more than anything, I had a date for another week with you! I love you and your little family so very, very much!

Katie said...

He is so precious! There is just something so special about a new baby. Or just babies in general.

Emilyface said...

Ezra is soooooo cute! I hope that someday I am able to meet this darling little guy. I am also so impressed by his sleeping skills! You go little buddy!

Annette said...

What a sweet blog post! Can't wait to come see you guys this weekend for a few hours of entertainment! He's adorable!

Alexis Kaye said...

He is perfect sweet friend!

Courtney B said...

Those shoooooooes!! Are you kidding me? I just died from the cuteness!
He will love his fists until he finds his feet ;) EVENTUALLY he'll think toys are funner to suck on than his hands, ha!
I didn't know you ever had MASTITIS! So sorry :(

Okay, I didn't really die and it's a good thing because I can't wait to see you two this morning!!!

Kylie said...

Such a sweetie! Glad it's all going fairly smoothly for you :)

Emma Ashby said...

Who ever gets their posts done on time?! Haha. Definitely not me! :] Ezra is just so stinking cute and he keeps getting cuter! Aren't babies fun?! And DANG I have to say you are lucky with the whole sleeping thing! We shared one room with Holland for the first six months of her life and she NEVER slept! It was so hard! I'm hoping for a baby that follows Ezra's footsteps this time around!!! Also, moms/grandmas are the BEST! I still LOVE having my mom come to visit even though Holland is easier now (in some ways--she does want to be entertained a lot more) it's still so nice to just have her around. I wish my mom would move in with us too! And dang! Mastitis sounds awful! That's the department I was lucky in--all things breastfeeding related. I hoe you never have to deal with it again! I have heard horror stories! And those baby shoes are SO CUTE!! I love baby accessories. Some people say they're pointless and a waste of time but that was never how I felt. I wanted ALL THE SHOES and ALL THE BOWS for Holland! Haha. If I have a boy I'll have to make bow ties and make sure to get lots of cute shoes!

Belle Armed said...

he's so cute!

from head 2 toe said...

He is so cute and I love his name!

Siri Baxter said...

His little pumpkin outfit is adorable!