Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recently . . .

I am so behind on documenting my pregnancy that I think my fetus is second hand embarrassed for me.  I love reading other people's pregnancy posts complete with weekly bump shots, but I haven't really felt compelled to take many pictures yet.  Being tall has helped me hide the pregnancy weight pretty well.  Up until about a month ago my bump was non-existent.  These days I  look like I just ate a few too many cinnamon rolls over Conference weekend.  It's definitely gotten to the "I can't zip up my pants anymore phase" but I just find things to be . . . kind of uninteresting in that realm.  Or maybe super interesting if you are now thinking of cinnamon rolls.  Mmmmmm.

As of Saturday, I am 23 weeks pregnant.  23 weeks.  I know I'm still a lightweight in the pregnancy ring, but I feel like I have already learned so much over the past five and a half months!  For instance, I have pretty much learned not to be a psycho.  (Key words being "pretty much".  I did happen to have a mini-meltdown a few hours ago over wanting a milkshake but not having ice cream.)
I have gone from crying almost everyday about almost everything to crying maybe once or twice a week about something completely random and usually food related.  In terms of baby, I have been able to listen to a sweet little heartbeat using my fetal doppler.  It's so comforting to hear a steady heartbeat a know that my little love is doing well. I have an anterior placenta, so while I have felt a few flutters I'm not sure if I've felt a sure kick.  The doctor said strong kicks are coming soon, though!  When you're not sick and you're not bumpin' it's sometimes hard to "feel" pregnant, but I think that feeling is rapidly encroaching and I couldn't be more excited!  I know the gender of my little canteloupe, and I will share that on the blog soon!

I get asked a lot "Do you have any names picked out?" and I always feel kind of stupid saying "No" but I'm really telling the truth.  James and I have talked about it a good amount but neither of us feel super connected to any particular name right now.  I keep saying a certain name in my head, but I don't want to share it until it's "the one".  Which, knowing me, won't be until after the baby debuts.  This probably sounds kind of bad, but I'm not really sure I want advice on names?  Like, if I were to tell someone a name I like I would be super bummed out if I got a bad reaction to it.  Ya know?  I don't want opinions to ruin a name James and I think is perfect.  But, like I said . . . we're not even to that point yet.  We're calling the baby "Rumplestilkson" so far, so . . . we've got a bit of brainstorming to do still.

About a month ago I had my last ultrasound.  I can't believe that the next time I seem my baby we'll be face to face.  From our first ultra sound to our last ultrasound our baby turned from a dinosaur to rough sketch of an infant.  I can only imagine the changes that will take place in the next few months.

The other day I felt a sincere ache to hold my babe.  It was such a strange feeling, and I can't really describe it but my arms just felt like they were missing something.  I know every mother probably feels this way about her child, but I just get the feeling that I'm carrying someone very special.  It makes me tear up just to think about the beautiful life I'll get to bring into this world in 17 weeks.  Maybe less!  I can honestly say that I love being pregnant.  I wake up every day feeling like I've accomplished something great.  I've sustained a life.  Sure, there are days when I get insecure about my changing body, but the reality of this miracle makes any stupid little hardship seem so mild in comparison 

I feel like I should be doing things to prepare for my little chicken wing, but I don't know where to start!  We just barely moved into a new home so I now know where the nursery is going to be and have a bunch of wonderful things from my amazing sister in law, but I know I need to be buying more of these baby essentials.  Any tips on cribs, baby swings, changing tables, baby carriers, baby baths, and diapers would be super appreciated! Seriously.  I don't have a clue.

I can't think of anything else interesting to write right now, and to be completely honest I'm sure this is only interesting to maybe my mom?  But I guess it's high time I write something about this pregnancy because I couldn't be more thankful for it.   So many more posts I need to write.  Hopefully this week I'll put a dent in it!


Unknown said...

I want to see more pictures of your pretty face! And belly! I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

I love the nicknames you have for your little baby, my favorite being "chicken wing". Can I maybe borrow that when I have a little one?

I'm so excited for you!! It all sounds so exciting.

MicheleBryant said...

Well...Your mom did find this super interesting!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha... I just love you! I don't think I started taking pictures until 20 weeks. And I never got a bare belly picture,,, I totally regret that. So don't forget to take one! (And I don't mean to show off to the world, just for you and James to have)
You're going to appreciate the fact that's its taken so long to feel pregnant, I promise!
I have so much to say as far as baby crap... And I don't mean the stinky kind ;) Start with the big stuff right now, like the crib and dresser. We got our crib from $160 and it doesn't even look like its from Walmart! And our dresser is from Ashley furniture. Don't buy a "baby" dresser, they are a waste of money. Cheaply made and small. We got our dresser during a holiday sale so it ended up being cheaper than a baby dresser. And get a pump! As if January insurance is supposed t cover them? So talk to your insurance and if they do, get the double electric medela pump!!
Wait until after your shower to buy other necessities. That way you can see what you are given first. We just need to hangout because I have a whole list of stuff I recommend, and recommend you don't waste your money on :) so lets plan a date!

from head 2 toe said...

I was LITERALLY just thinking about your blog this AM as I drove my husband to the hospital! I'm glad you are back! :) :) You are over halfway done coookin' that baby?! CRAZY! And, I don't have a baby, but I am the biggest supporter of wearing your baby, so invest in a good wrap or carrier. Also, ultra soft and comfy clothes for the first month or so-- it was naked in fluid for 9 months so let it be in jammies for a while! :) ha ha

Laynah said...

This post is NOT complete without a bump picture! It's mandatory! haha I think when I have a kid I wont tell anyone the name until after its born, just because its more exciting that way. Btw: I think temper tantrums over milkshakes are more than warranted, but ONLY if you're pregnant! Enjoy it while you can haha

Evan Becky said...

I thought about you just yesterday and hoped things were going well! I'll say to check craigslist for baby furniture. That's where we found our Dumplin's furniture. Why spend an outrageous amount of money on something that he's just going to teeth on anyway?

Unknown said...

Take it from your very proud and pleased father-in-law, you "are" carrying a very special, unique and perfectly-loved life inside you. Beauty is as beauty does and your goodness and love will only add to the joy and beauty of your firstborn son, Chelsea. In him and in you and James. Little Rump will transform you both in wonderful ways. Loved your blog today. You need to write more about this sweetest of topics.

Love, your Dad-inlaw

The Harrison's said...

Chelsea it seriously is the most amazing thing when you get to hold your little peanut for the first time. Speaking from a very RECENT experience! ;)

As far as baby stuff goes, wait until after your shower to buy stuff. Also if money is tight and depending on what you want your sleeping situation to be you won't need a crib right away. A changing table....we just use the floor. As far as a carseat goes, they have to be approved before they can make them so we got a Graco but cute and functional and obviously has to meet certain standards to be put on the market. BUY A will save your life. We actually got ours from a Kid to Kid here in St. George for cheap and it works great!

And this is a little premature but I'm sure you'll feel this way at some point in time. The best advice i've been given is You can't screw up unless you drop them on their head. They don't care what you dress them in or what type of bottle or diapers you use because they don't know the difference, AND they still love you and need you with all of your imperfections.

Good luck my dear!!

Emilyface said...

Chelsea I love this post. I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how your pregnancy has been going!! I am so excited that you found out the gender, and totally understand waiting to reveal any names until the birth. You don't know how many crazy (sometimes rude, I feel) reactions we have gotten to our little guy's name.

Also, I have only had Rivers home for 2 weeks now, but if you want to know what baby products are saving my life right now, seriously just email me or message me. I will tell you everything that I love and that we use all the time now that we are finally home, if you want. I am so excited for you guys :)

Deveny said...

Yay!! I didn't cry so much over food as I did watching..basically anything. Commercials were the worst. haha

Hope Wiltfong said...

Glad you are including us as well as your mom! And yes, I firmly believe you need to actually SEE the baby before attaching a name - otherwise, my oldest would have been name Allison. Keep us posted!

Shanley said...

So exciting!! I always thought people sounded dumb when they said they didn't have a name picked out and then I was the same way!! No worries I had to see my little guy before I knew for sure. Way crazy but I think I might have had a class with you at SUU? Not sure but I will be following your blog for sure!

Emma Frances said...

I have no idea how I'm just now seeing this post but I am just so excited for you! I can't wait to hear your baby's gender and then eventually the name! Race and I had the HARDEST times picking names and then we told family our name but didn't exactly announce it to everyone else officially. I definitely don't like when other people give their often times dumb opinions about the names you chose. All of my grandparent's hated Holland's name and my mom (a week or so before Holland was born) accidentally said something about how it would probably become a really popular name soon (something I was trying to avoid) and I bawled and told Race we had to change her name. That was not a good thing to freak out about right before my baby was born and when I was already a week overdue and going crazy! Haha. So yeah, I don't know if we'll tell people the names we choose in the future! But mostly I'm just super excited for you and I know the feeling of crying about everything and of crying about food related things! I definitely did lots of that!

Durfee said...

Hope you're doing well, Chelsea!

I check your blog quite often, I and hope life off-line is treating you right.

Congratulations on the baby!!

Lara Neves said...

We never told a soul the names we chose, either. Not even our older kids. I didn't want to hear all the commentary, and I know I would have, because I witnessed it many times with Joel's siblings when they were pregnant.

"That was our cat's name!" "There are too many other girls with that name." "Huh. Interesting name." Etcetera.

So, good decision. It's a lot harder to say you don't like a name when an adorable little baby person is attached to it!

Jessie said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. I bet you will be a fantastic mother!