Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Friday, February 1, 2013

The First Trimester is the Deepest.

When I walked into the doctor's office on November 26, I did not expect to walk out knowing I was a mother. In fact, just ten minutes before my appointment ended, my doctor was discussing a treatment plan for me that would require me waiting almost a year before I could carry a bundle of joy.  A knock at the door and a positive pregnancy test later, that prescription was no longer needed.  I was a mommy sitting next to a daddy.

I can't come close to describing how I elated I was upon hearing the good news.  It was the first time in my life that I cried for joy.  I wanted this more than anything.  

The months that have followed this wonderful news have not been easy.  But as I started to write about all of the sickness and physical difficulties, it seemed stupid to complain.  I have waited for this my entire life!  Many women wait for this for years.  In some ways, morning (all day) sickness has been a huge comfort to me.  My body is changing and adapting to the growing life inside.  I cannot think of a more worthy cause to dedicate myself to.

On the other hand, my husband has been super lucky in the sense that he has had the opportunity to live with a deranged psycho-path.  This is helping him become way cultured.  Allow me to elaborate:
  • I cry over everything. Like,  I cried watching Tommy Boy a few weeks ago.  Yeah.  Tommy Boy.

  • For about two months I hated pretty much everything.  (Everything and food are synonyms, right?)
  • I have become obsessed with washing my hands after touching anything.  Yesterday at Walmart James asked me if I could push the cart for a minute, and I cried a little.  So many germs, you guys!
  • Most of the things I eat revolve around the thought, "Will I be able to function if I throw this up and never want to eat this again."  After a very emotional situation involving frozen yogurt, I've got to be super picky.  
  • I've started using a belly band, even though my protuberance is nowhere near protruding.  It just makes me feel pregnant.
  • Half of the smells I smell remind me of pickles.  
  • James has resorted to keeping his potted meat collection in a drawer in his office, and he sneakily eats it when I'm in another room.  (Okay, maybe I'm turning him into a weirdo, too ;))
I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the ones that make me sound like I could be committed (for now).

In a little over a week we get to find out what the gender of this little baby . . . and I am SO excited!  I can't wait to start really preparing.  I can honestly say that I don't have a preference.  James and I will both be ecstatic either way.  

Happy Weekend!!!


Emilyface said...

Chelsea, I can't even wait to continue reading all of your little pregnancy updates! The first trimester for me was so weird because I wanted to complain so much, but at the same time I didn't want to tell anyone yet because I wanted to wait until we were in the "safe-zone" I am glad that I didn't complain quite as much as I would have if the world had known, as it really did get better at around 16 weeks, and now that my due date is approaching I almost wish that I could go back to that first trimester! I can't wait to find out the gender of your little one. I am so so happy for you guys.

P.S. I am the same way about germs. I FREAK out when I realize that people around me are sick. Come on people, if you are sick, please don't come to church and sit next to me. Please don't follow me around and try to talk to me. Sickness doesn't need to be another of my worries at the moment!

Denise said...

What?! How did I not know you were pregnant!?

Sean Marie said...


Wait til you start losing more than just your mind and it gets into losing control over bodily functions. One time I was walking around a store, browsing, and just started farting. I didn't mean to, it just happened. Oh, and start wearing panty liners if you haven't already, cause you'll definitely start pissing yourself. Like a lot.

I am so ecstatic for you for reals. You're one of the hottest/funniest pregnant ladies I know.

Can't wait to read more on your pregnancy and I hope you announce the gender when you find out.

Happy weekend, stay sane! :)

LaynahRose said...

Gahhhh I'm sooo dang excited for you! I can't wait to read more! Sometimes I think my husband gets to live with a deranged psychopath and I'm not even pregnant ha.

Alexis Kaye said...

So thrilled for you! Sounds like you found out you were expecting similar to how I did. so crazy. Hope you don't have to be sick the WHOLE time.

Emma Frances said...

I hope you feel better soon! And I can't wait to hear what you're having!! I'm just so excited for you!! Woot! Woot! Being a mom is the BEST!!

Deveny said...

I'm SO happy for you!!
I feel the same way about my struggles with getting pregnant now (going on year 3) - how can I really be upset when I'm so blessed to have my son? Feelings are tough suckers to deal with. ;)

Katie said...

Ok, I almost started crying myself when I read about how you found out you were pregnant. I am so happy for you :) And I know exactly what you mean - I had morning sickness for the first like 20 weeks, but it seemed really silly to complain because I was just so happy to be pregnant. And, as you've probably already determined, pregnancy has turned me into a psychopath sometimes, too :)

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

that's a crazy way to find out you're pregnant! congrats pretty girl!

A+J said...

I am so excited for you to be a mommy! I know I don't know you personally, but I am just so happy that your wish to be a mommy is coming true.

Kylie said...

Oh the smells! I had a wonderful sense of smell my entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough not to actually get sick, just feel queasy sometimes. Yay for 2nd tri!