Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Were YOU Doing??

I saw this blogger meme on my friend Kristen's blog earlier this week, and thought it would be fun to play along! 
This is a real live picture of me ten years ago.  At age 12.  I absolutely will not be offended if you think I look younger now than I did at 12.  In fact, I would appreciate you saying that, to be honest.  

Moving on.

10 years ago I was
. . . in the seventh grade.  
. . . loving white lipstick (for some reason that hasn't made sense since).
. . . an orchestra nerd.
. . . crushing so hard on this really tall guy who later told me he would never want to date me because I was "too fat".  (That was fun.)
. . . watching Nick at Nite pretty much every night.  Cheers was somehow my favorite.  I was only like, two decades late to the party.
. . . dared to eat a Crayola marker, and for some reason I did. 
. . . really shy around my school mates, but super outgoing around  my close friends.
. . . convinced that I would someday marry Tweety from Even Stevens.
. . . once mistaken for a mother at school, and twice asked how many children I had.
5 years ago I was
. . . a senior in High School and very involved in Student Government, Orchestra, and various clubs.
. . . convinced that I was hilarious.
. . . given the superlative of "best buds" with Heather Leavitt (brunette pictured above).
. . . wondering if I would go to Southern Utah University or Utah State University.
. . . dating a little bit, but wondering if I would ever have a real "boyfriend".
. . . late to everything.
. . . given a fake baby to take care of for a week, and ended getting my first (and only) "D" on an assignment.  (Whoops!)
. . . driving the same car my great-grandma drove.  People who lived on the street of the High School literally made bets on when my car would die.  They all lost.  It's a demolition derby car now. 
. . . so excited to start college!

Two years ago I was 
. . . happier than I'd ever been in my life!
. . . just married to my very best friend.  And SO happy about it!
. . . in the middle of my junior year of college, and really busy with school work.
. . . starting to write on this blog more, and loved getting to know so many new people!
. . . living in an apartment probably smaller than your bedroom.
. . . hanging out with my mom every single day. Even if it was just to go to the store, or get a Diet Coke.
. . . really unsure of what our future plans were.
. . . learning how to cook and feeding my husband a lot of crap. 
Today I am
. . . learning a lot about who I am, and who I want to be.
. . . planning and preparing for the year to come. 
. . . grateful to be finished with school, and excited for James to start his Master's program this fall.
. . . a l m o s t 23!
. . . hanging out with my grandma almost everyday.  (Love that part of my life!)
. . . realizing that I've suddenly become less fashionable than I once considered myself.  But strangely okay with it?
. . . excited for my mom (and hopefully sister) to come visit me next month!
. . . enjoying watching 80's movies.
. . . dreaming of the future.

Two years from now I will be
. . . uhhhhhhh.  I danno?
. . . a homeowner.
. . . a mother to some cutie babes.
. . . a wife to an almost CPA.
. . . really crafty and good at stuff.
. . . healthy and confident.
. . . ready for whatever is next!

Okay, blogging babes.  Are you gonna do this, or what?  I wanna read them, if so!  It was kind of fun to look back and look ahead!


Denise said...

I'm so doing this post! You are too cute and I'm so sorry but I literally laughed out loud when I read people asking you how many kids you had? hahaha in seventh grade?! You poor thing! If it makes you feel any better, I was a train wreck in middle school. You'll see once I post this.

Miss Mochi said...

This is impressive! I don't remember what I was doing ten years ago. I've got a horrible memory for that sort of thing.

Daaaang, I just realized ten years ago I was a sophmore in high school and was 14. Ouch. I feel old.

Mindy said...

Super cute. I think I will join in the fun. I think. :)

from head 2 toe said...

How fun! :) Loved seeing what you were up too!

Evan Becky said...

I may have to do this :) And although I'm relieved that if I do, I won't have to post horrible middle school pictures, but horrified that I'll be posting high school pictures :P

A+J said...

I really love this idea. It showcases your life in such a beautiful memorable way.

MicheleBryant said...

Love it Chelsea!