Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Saturday, November 3, 2012

5 Things I Love Today

When my parents moved to Colorado a few months ago, they left a few things behind at their home (where James and I are living).  This was one of them.  Let me just preface this by saying that I am not a fan of mint anything.  I don't like mint ice cream, mint chapstick, mint toothpaste . . . you get the picture.  However, this is absolutely the most refreshing body spray I have ever used.  And I have used lots.  It's way cheap, too.  Like, under $4.  

2.  My bike.
People always think I'm crazy when I tell them this . . . but, as a child I hardly ever rode a bike.  I'm not really even sure I knew how.  Haha!  When I was 7, my dad won a free bike from a fireworks stand (random?) and my siblings and I would occasionally ride it . . . but other than that, nothing.  Well, last week James decided that we need to be more active as a couple, so we purchased grown up bikes.  We walked to Walmart to get the bikes, and decided to ride them home. I was terrified to get on this thing.  If there was such thing as adult training wheels I would have been all over them.  I'm pretty sure people got a kick out of watching a grown woman learn to ride a bike that night . . . but the awkwardness has paid off.  I'm starting to actually enjoy it!

If you haven't tried this stuff out yet, I encourage you . . . nay . . . implore you to get your little booty out to your closest drugstore and scoop some of this lip balm up!  I love Baby Lips because it gives your lips a light pop of color while keeping them hydrated all day.  It's super soft and tastes and smells really good.  

The house James and I live in right now is pretty big.  Prior to living here, we lived in a one bedroom apartment that was probably less than 400 square feet.  We don't use much of the house, so we don't want to turn the heat on.  Well, thanks to this  little nugget we probably won't have to at all this winter!  It's pretty much the size of a Sunggie (another love of mine) and kind of the same material . . . but way thicker.  My father in law got James and I each one of these the other day, and I am so obsessed.  I kind of just want everyone in the world to own one.

5.  My mom's old clothes
My mom left two closets worth of clothing that she doesn't wear anymore and I've been pillaging.  She left tons of oversized sweaters and cute jackets.  I've been wearing a sweater lately that she used to wear when I was little.  It's kind of weird to think about, but I love it!  

What are you loving this weekend?  


Hope Wiltfong said...

I must admit to being a household Peeping Tom - looking through other people's stuff is always so much fun! I rode a bike for just a few minutes when I was in California a few weeks ago, and felt so free - it had been years. Hope you continue to enjoy yours!

A+J said...

I have that blanket. It is amazing to the extreme degree. I am easily cold, but this blanket has saved my life during winter.