Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm baaaack!

Hey Blog.  It's been awhile.  I'm doing good.  You're not, though.  You haven't been updated in over a month.  Poor thing.  Well, today's the day!

Did you know that I moved to New Jersey?  Yeah.  I don't live in Utah anymore.  Not even close to Utah!  I live in an apartment that Bill Cosby would approve of.  

My husband is going to be selling pest control until the end of August.  Turns out, he's really great at it!  I was supposed to go sell too . . . but, we found out the hard way that I am not cut out for that rugged lifestyle.

I spend most of my days blogging for other blogs (here and here), listening to music, cooking with only one pot, and hanging out with this weirdo.  
I bet you didn't know that dinosaurs still exist, huh?  You just have to go to New Jersey to see them.

Other things to note about New Jersey:

  • People here are less tan than they appear on television.  
  • Snookie hasn't accepted my Facebook friend request.
  • You aren't allowed to pump your own gas here.  They give you a servant for that.
  • If you have blonde hair, people treat you really special.  Like your hair has magical powers, or something. 
  • In the grocery store, there is an entire aisle devoted to Hummus.
  • Left turns don't exist here.  To turn left, you have to turn right twice.  (Look up "New Jersey Jug Handles" if you don't believe me.)
I am sure I will add more as the summer goes on.  We've only been here two weeks.  

How is everyone else doing?  I've missed you!  Link your favorite blog post you've done in the last month, so I can check it out.  It's been too long!


Hope Wiltfong said...

Welcome back! We have missed you, but didn't expect you to be blogging from New Jersey. I had the East Coast experience for ten years - thank goodness for the West.

Keep us posted on the dinosaur in your yard.

simply megan. said...

heehee bill cosby would approve!!! This looks like an exciting new adventure!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Chelsea!!! I've totally missed you! :) :) Slash, I might have written a blog post a couple weeks ago about disneyland and I thought of you. :) ha

Courtney B said...

Miss you!!
And I totally am not cut out for selling either. No way. But I hope it goes really great for your husband!!
And I don't think I've been a very good friend... I don't remember if I told you? I may have written a post, something about me being knocked up? :)

tifsong said...

what! new jersey? i had no idea. that's exciting! i can't sell for the life of me. i fail.

:: ashley :: said...

hope you have a blast , gotta love a little non utah adventure every now & then

from head 2 toe said...

FUN! Michigan as "Michigan Lefts" kinda the same thing..but not. HAHA Enjoy your fun summer and you have to go to New YorK!!!

Everyday Love said...

Oh man...blonde hair = magical powers huh? Looks like I should move up to Jersey to find a man! ;)

Stephanie said...

Wow! I hope you guys like it there, and that's your enjoying the new place!

Kylie said...

Glad to have you back! I've been pretty lazy the last month too, don't feel bad ;)

Alexis Kaye said...

Bill Cosby and I both approve. It's darling. No left turns, however, is UGLY. That's just sucky. If that aisle has avocado cilantro hummus, you have to buy some and eat it in my name. Can't find any anywhere. I'm glad you're back. I hope you're more frequent on here now too! I've been sucky at updating too though. Ahhh we lead such important, busy lives ;)

Deveny said...

You're back!!
Do I spy changes in your hair? (I want to know if you went through with going ombre!)
My blog has been a little lonely since work is nuts but I did post my success on a fishtail braid and almost getting eating by a snake. :)

Stesha said...

haha!!! welcome to new jersey! I have visited there once, and I knew the gas thing... thats awesome you dont need to get out of your car! and dang it snooks, accept that request! haha!! Glad you are getting settled!


Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

yay! you're back!
I'm surprised they pump your gas in NJ! Must be that blonde hair. You should just go stand in the hummus aisle and swing your blonde hair back and forth and let everybody "ooh" and "aahh" haha.

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

P.S. I just read your "Old at Heart" post here:

and it made me laugh out loud! Or should I say "You're a hoot!"

MicheleBryant said...

Missed the blog....Miss the girl even more! Love you Chelsea-Belle!

Ryan Adair said...

Welcome back to {your} blog and to the east coast! ;)

Sounds like life is exciting for you two right now, enjoy it!


Charley said...

Miss you already!