Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I need help.

A few weeks ago, my little brother learned that my hair is not naturally blonde.  Gasp.  I always thought I was a bad secret keeper, but I guess I've kept this one pretty well.  I have basically had the same hair style since I was in the eighth grade.  Some years I've been a little blonder, some years I've had it a little shorter . . . but, other than that I have absolutely nothing new to report on the hair-front.

Well, now that I'm a big, bad almost-college-graduate, I feel like I might need a little something different.  I have been consistently dying my hair since I was twelve years old, and this summer I think I might want to give it a break. 

Ombre is a hair trend I fully expceted to phase out quicky.  In fact, for awhile, I hated it.  When I saw someone with ombre hair, I thought they just looked like they needed to get their roots done.  But, as I've looked at it more, I've began to consider it.  I need a little help deciding, though.

1:  Girlfriend doesn't have ombre hair.  I know.  I just really love the honey blonde color.  I've never had my hair quite like that, and I think it might be fun.  I'm not sure how it would work with my coloring, though.

2:  I am pretty sure my natural color is the color of this girls' roots.  So, I think I could probably do this without too much trouble . . . but, do you think I'd look like an idiot with this since I have bangs?  I haven't seen many girls with bangs rock the ombre.

3:  This ombre is really subtle.  I like that there is so much  blonde around her face, but it still looks really natural.  I'm just afraid that I won't be able to pull off not being so blonde all over.

I am feeling really impulsive right now.  Like, if enough of you told me to, I would probably dye my hair purple.  But, I know you guys are nice.  So, just tell me what you really think.  Should I try 1,2, or 3?  Or should I just keep things how they are??
Thanks, in advance!


Sue said...

I've dyed my hair purple on a whim before- it was fun! I love #3 the best. My hair has the ombre color and I LOVE it. You should definitely try it. It's so easy to keep up since you can let your roots grow out!

Hope Wiltfong said...

You don't know how tempted I am to shout "PINK! PINK! PINK!", but I am probably the last person you should ask about hair color. I'm a firm believer in au natural - I've highlighted my hair twice, but otherwise it's been the same boring brown all of my life. You will look lovely regardless, even if you share your head - but perhaps this time just let it grow out more than a few inches and see how you like it.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Mindy said...

I still haven't been able to get on the ombre board. It REALLY does look like the roots just need to be colored. HOWEVER, the subtle ombre on LC doesn't even look ombre, so I can get on board for that! :)

P.s. Does your brother now know that 905% of all blondes aren't really blonde? Haha. Bless his little heart. :)

Charley said...

I know you are digging the LC look. Do it! :)

Kylie said...

I like Lauren Conrad's. Also, I had my hair colored for the first time ever back in Dec, and my stylist decided to go with an ombre since I didn't know if I'd be able to keep it up. She also did some highlights towards my roots so that it blended a bit better. I also have bangs. I got tons of compliments on it, and although it could use being done again, it doesn't look too bad now, 5 months later.

Elisabeth Gee said...

I really like number 2! I think you can totally pull it off :)

Deveny said...

2, 2, 2!! If you're going to go for something new, I say go for it. 3 probably won't look much different than what you have.

Denise said...

I learned how to Ombre a few weeks ago and its awesome!.. but only if its done right! I agree that most of the time it does look like a serious case of outgrown roots, but it can look gorgeous! I love it on Khloe Kardashian :)
Anyways I'm excited to see what you come up with for your hair :)

tifsong said...

my hair is honey colored!!

2 . i like numero dos.

Alexis Kaye said...

It seems like you like the more subtle ombre which I think is harder with bangs maybe? I would go with 1. But seriously, I don't know. I am having a hard time picturing it! But I think they will all look fabulous! AND I love your hair now, so, there.

Devany said...

My ombre is called living on my own! I only dye my hair twice a year now. $$ LOL

As soon as my blonde started fading to dirty blonde/brown territory, my mom dyed my hair blonde (well you probably remember that from fishing trips)

Wish my mom would still pay for my hair now!