Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A little something:

This weekend was pretty uneventful.  Well, actually, the past few weeks have been uneventful.

I'm not complaing, though.  I kind of like uneventful.

The most exciting thing that happened was when James and I went out to dinner. 

We went to this local joint called "Sweet Basil" for some authentic Thai food.

I hadn't ever tried curry until a few months ago, and I am now obsessed with it.
I get ravenous just thinking about how amazing it is.
I've tried to re-create it on my own, but it is never as good.
So, if you have an awesome curry recipe, hook a sister up.

Every time we go in, an old prospector-looking man greets us at the door and tells us we can sit wherever we want.  We always choose the "romantic alcove" in the back corner.  Said prospector always tells us it is a good choice, because we will be able to stare lovingly into each other's eyes.

Which, apparently just means to scowl at each other.  Lovingly. 
Someone took the time to squeeze like, ten individual grains of rice into the salt shaker.  I equal parts grossed out and impressed.
Other than going out to eat, our past few days have been filled with watching "The Biggest Loser" on Netflix, teaching 3 and 4 year olds about the day and the night, and trying to figure out what we're going to be doing this summer.  We've kind of been toying around with the idea of taking a summer sales job.  Have any of you had any experience with that?  Like, selling pest control, or alarms, or whatever?  I hear that it sucks.  But, sometimes it is worth it. 


Lisa said...

Chelsea, you are so pretty! I love your outfit. Not sure about the summer job thing. There are actually a lot of summer jobs up here (it's tourist season). If you guys want to work at Wall Drug or Mt. Rushmore or something let me know!

Charley said...

My cousins sold alarms. One had a great time. The other had a bad time and came home early. I think it depends on how hard you are willing to work. I've never done it.

karajean said...

Never done a summer sales job, but I have heard really great stuff and really terrible stuff. I know some people who actually LOST money with the travel expenses. But some people also make a lot. Good luck!

TaraR said...

Cute dress :)

Sue said...

Love your outfit for dinner! I love Thai food. If you find a good recipe pass it on!

Annette said...

Dad T had a terrible experience with a summer sales job. Others did good, but we hated it.

Rosie B said...

I'm pretty sure I've read that you put rice in salt shakers so it doesn't clump together and get horrible - so the opposite of gross then! It depends a lot on who you're working with - even the worst jobs can be enjoyable if you can make friends with your co-workers and have a laugh :)

Rosie xx
Just Listen

hopelds said...

I was going to say, please talk to your mother-in-law about Kokomo, Indiana if you are considering a summer sales job, but I see she has already posted her two cents.

And yes, the rice in the salt is intentional.

Orangies Attic said...

Yes, the rice is there on purpose to keep the salt from clumping! Cute outfit! Newly following you, come see me sometime... Orangies Attic

Kara said...

We used to visit a family who would make the strongest (smelliest) curry every single time we came over. I definitely like the Americanized less spicy version!

Alyx said...

I love that top!
And I have a pretty awesome curry recipe... I'll try to go through my blog and find it and email it to you. If you like spicy, though, you might have to add some of your own spice, because I'm not a spice-lover.
Hey - I teach the 4-year-olds at church, too!
And... we always had a bunch of sales people come out to our areas in the summers, and they worked a TON of hours, but I guess they make pretty good money.

Alyx said...

Oh, and sorry - about the travel expenses of a sales job: my husband worked in sales for over a year, where he had to travel a lot. We paid all of the gas money out of pocket, but you get tax deductions of like, $0.54 per mile, and so you end up not having to pay ANY taxes (if you drive a lot), and always get a huge refund. We got a refund of like, $6000 last year. So travel expenses can be good.

Carlie said...

Your date night outfit is super cute!

And we did summer sales. When I say we I mean my husband. I tried one day of it and couldn't do it bc I hate getting the door slammed in my face. I ended up being the schedule person instead. It is a good summer job though. We were able to live comfortably off of what my hubs made every summer (he did it 3 years) so that he didn't have to work (unless you count the recruiting he did as a manager) during the school year, and I didn't have to either. It helps that BYU tuition is cheap too =) I say give it a shot!

Keri said...

HA! I laughed out loud after you said "stare lovingly" then I scrolled down to his face! Hilarious!!!

You know...the rice in the salt shaker is to keep moisture from causing the salt to clump. :) Someone has probably already told you that in a different comment but I wanted to make sure you know so you could stop being grossed out. :)

Keri said...

One of your followers mentioned Kokomo, Indiana?! SERIOUSLY??? I live less than an hour from there. Yeah...Ivanhoe's! :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I don't mean to crush your dreams, but how do you know they didn't unscrew the lid and put the rice in there? Sometimes people put rice in things to keep the moisture out! HAHA!

Also, we love thai food! Next time you go you should try Pad See Ewe. It's my fave :)