Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All

"My Poke'mon brings all da nerds to da yard,
and they're like:  'Do you wanna trade cards?'"

I just went there.  Mixin' up some Fergie with some Poke'mon.  Good stuff.  Very good stuff.

I wasn't allowed to play with Poke'mon cards when I was a kid.  I don't remember the exact reason, but it seems  like it had something to do with gambling?  Haha.

Anyway.  Now that I'm an adult, and allowed to collect whatever I want, I've decided I want to collect blog buttons.  Your blog buttons.

If you want me to put your little linky button on my little side bar, send me an e-mail at "" with the html code, and we'll be in business!  And I wouldn't even be mad if you guys decided to put my little linky button on your page, too!  My darling friend, Kaycie, made it for me!  Thanks, Kaycie!

We'll be collecting and trading together.  Precious, right?


Perfect in my Mind


Candace Stevenson said...

hey! So your button is up on my page :) did I send you one or do I need to send you a specific size for our swap? Let me know :)

Ryan Adair said...

I've been thinking about doing this when I redesign my page:) speaking of new designs, I love yours :)

:: ashley :: said...

consider it done! you are in my sidebar which I just opened this week ;)
I will email you mine as well!

Carlie said...

hahaha I totally remember Pokemon being all the rage in elementary school. Great song remix!

Deveny said...

I collected all the 'cute' pokemon cards...don't ask me how to actually play the card game. Still have no idea. hahaha But card trading was a BIG DEAL on our street.

I love your button! It's up on my sidebar now. I'd love to know how to make those so I can be part of the cool gang. :)

amy b.s. said...

what a good idea! and i too didn't get into the poke-mon phase. i still don't understand what it was all about!

Jessie said...

So late in the night I taught the theme song to my boyfriend. Apparently he missed out the Pokemon fad due to his age, but I love it and will always let Pokemon catch my heart. :)

Kylie said...

I love your new layout! A lot! Also, I sent you an email w/ my button code. :)