Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrity Divorces are Harshing my Mellow

Last semester I took a class on family development.  In this class we spent some time learning about divorce, and divorce rates.  Apparently, the  most recent statistics state that over 50% of marriages will end in divorce.  However, from what I've observed in the media, it seems like if you're a popular celebrity the chances of divorce increases from 50% to like . . . 89%.  It's kind of an epidemic. 

I started noticing this a few months ago when Zooey Deschanel divorced her husband, Ben Gibbard.

I was totally shocked.  I texted my friend, Laura, about it the moment I heard . . . and we both mourned the loss. 

And then!  Zooey's switched at birth twin, Katy Perry, decided that she should probably divorce her not-funny husband, too!

I wasn't even mad about this one . . . but still!  I thought they just barely got married!

And Kim Kardashian?   
Does it really count if you were only married 70something days?  I think Kim probably spent more time picking out her wedding dress than she did working on her relationship.

And then, of course there is Ashton and Demi.
Both of whom I am weirded out by. 

And now it's Seal and Heidi Klum.
I thought they were so in love?  Like  . . . didn't they just renew their marriage vows?  For the fifth time, or something?


Honestly, all of this is kind of harshing my mellow.  I am totally un-famous, and married, so maybe I have no room to talk . . . but I kind of just get the feeling that marriage isn't a sacred thing to a lot of people.  It's something that is completely disolveable.

I understand that divorce is often necessary for people.  In instances of infidelity or abuse, I think it is absolutely reasonable.  But ending a marriage is a big deal!  It shouldn't just be something that is done over an arguement, or tension, or even "falling out of love."  I mean, can't all of those things be worked out? 

Maybe I'm standing on a soap box, here . . . but seriously.  If Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorce in the next six months so help me.  I will throw a fit.


Dana Richards said...

Girl, I couldn't agree more! This has been on my mind so much recently. I couldn't be happier to be married to my best friend in the whole world but seeing all these divorces makes me worry if there will come a time when I'm going to feel that way about Keith and want out. It scares me so much!

Alexis Kaye said...

i completely agree. The rates of divorce are just gross. The guy I was dating before Clint was divorced after only like 5 months or something crazy. The excuse? They fell out of love. He was a great guy but I honestly could not come to grips with it and it haunted me. I couldn't date him.

Arielle said...

I am still so in shock about Heidi and Seal! Russell Brand is a jerk and Katy Perry's kind of annoying too so with them I saw it coming. I know, Jennifer and Ben are the perfect couple and if they get divorced,...well I wouldn't do anything but it would suck. haha

Annette said...

Keep in mind those celebrities who have, despite fame and fortune, had rock solid marriages for decades such as Paul Newman and Jeff Bridges! PS--my daughter said there was a calculator online where you could find out how many "Kardashians" you've been married! A Kardashian is a unit of 72 days.

Joanna said...

I feel totally feel ya on this! I don't know why I even care, but I DO...too much. I didn't know Zooey was married btw and to know she got a divorced? MAN! I've only been married for a year but I already know how difficult it can really be, but like you said, it takes WORK and we can't just end it so quickly, ahem Kim K.

Kylie said...

Shows how much I know....didn't even hear Zooey Deschanel got a divorce. It is so sad to see, and it's even more sad when it's people you know, love, and care about. I think we see the celbs more just because they're more in the public eye....but they do seem to have a higher rate of divorce I guess.

Emma Frances said...

I didn't know about Zooey either! It is so sad! I can't believe how high the divorce rate is. It is ridiculous how unimportant marriage is in so many people's eyes. I completely agree with this though!

Everyday Love said...

I was SOOO sad about Heidi and Seal! I thought they were a couple that would last!

Jess said...

We have to remember also we don't know what is going on in their relationships. Who knows how much time they are giving in to the relationship and each other. We are only seeing all the dress up and smiles not their every day lives. So maybe we think they are perfect but maybe its not.
Celebrities also don't spend much time with their other half as much. So when they feel bored or whatever else is going on they probably don't want to take the time out to work it out.
That's my two cents.

Deveny said...

Wait waaaa? Heidi and Seal? For reals? Dang, some celeb divorces you can see a mile away but I never would have guessed that one.
With celebs I honestly think it's mostly because they put their careers before their family.

Divorces in general bug me (albeit it for the two reasons you mentioned) because problems stem from someone being selfish. Marriage is hard work and you have to learn to be selfless.

Melanie said...

I was honestly a little shocked w/ the whole Seale & Heide thing! I So flippn agree on the Bennifer, if they ever devorce, I will throw a humongo temper tantrum! Lol) I just love them together!

It really is depressing, huh?! I really hope that divorce starts being less common. Mariage is HARD work, but that makes it all the beter to fight for!

Happy Wednesday Luv!

MicheleBryant said...

So true Chels!

Ryan Adair said...

I hear you girl.. I come from a divorced home. ( my mom has been married and divorced 3 times) it makes me so sad when kids are involved because I know first hand how horrible and unstable it can be.

I blame people not taking time to get to know themselves, so many women (and men) think they need a significant other to complete them, but you have to be a whole complete person on your own to make any relationship work. I have so many aquanitences going through the divorce process right now and it's scary.
As far as celebs go...... Just one big fat sigh.

Anonymous said...

This is really depressing, and the fact that a lot of people look up to these celebrity marriages, especially Seal and Heidi’s, makes it even more depressing. News about Seal and Heidi’s divorce really did it in for me. They really looked like the perfect celebrity couple!

Louisa Matsuura