Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites: First Edition

Happiest Friday!

Tonight is the first night since I was married 10 months ago that Mista T. and I are spending apart.  I feel  like such a baby for saying this, but I miss him so much!

Anyway.  I've been lurking around the internet quite a bit today, and I've made a list of my favorite finds.

Favorite Dress:  
Favorite Shoes:
Favorite Meal:

Croc Pot Chicken Curry

{We had this for dinner a few nights ago, and it was amazing!}

Favorite Halloween Costume Idea:
Favorite DIY Project Idea:
{Chandelier made from plastic spoons!?  What!?}

(Click Images for Sources)
Favorite Human:
--> him

Have a good night!!


karajean said...

Favorite Human! I love it! Tomorrow Scott and I will have been married 10 months. Crazy. I can't believe it's been that long.

Hope school is going better for you! Good to see you back on the blog!

Sean Marie said...

This is a great idea! I love that baby taco! So adorable! Sorry you miss your hubby. :/ I know how you feel. At least there's always the blog world to keep you entertained. :)

Deveny said...

Whaaaaa? Only 10 months? You two are such babies! Kidding. :)
But seriously, that DIY chandelier? A-freakin-mazing!

EmCain said...

favorite human...
reminded me of 'little fockers' "early human school"
(i know- random!)
cute picture though! :)

Sara Shoemaker said...

I just love the way your hilarious mind works. You are hilarious! your favorite human haha I laughed at that. You 2 are so cute!!! that spoon chandelier is uh-mazing and so genius. love that dress and those shoes too!! you have marvelous taste my dear :)

The House of Shoes

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

hahah i love the baby taco costume, so cute and so is the dress up top. love your blog! xx

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, Thanks so much for sharing James with us. We had a great time last night watching the BYU game, eating pizza and catching up. We are so jazzed that you are coming down today and look forward to seeing you. That dress you posted would be perfect for you and I think you have impecable taste in fashion and design. Have a great morning and we will see you soon.
Dad T.

Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

I love your sense of style. Seriously, I rock the jeans and tshirt and that is about the extent of my exploration!

Alexis Kaye said...

yikes! I hate being away from Clint for the 14 hours a day we're apart during the week! But remember that time he left me for THREE DAYS after we had been married two months and I cried like a baby every day? You're coming out with much more dignity ;) and I love that costume. It's making me want a baby. Oh wait, maybe I just want a baby AND a taco.

Emma Frances said...

I love this! :] Especially those shoes! And that crock pot chicken curry looks delicious! Hope you get to see your hubby soon! It really does stink when they are away!

P! said...

I'm the same way- I miss my hubby when he's gone even one night, too. Glad you're finding ways to keep busy, though, like finding baby tacos online. ;)

Arielle said...

That chandelier is amazing. I had no idea it was made out of spoons, it looks so fancy! I know how ya feel, I can't sleep good if my bf's not in bed with me.