Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I feel that perhaps my last post was misinterpreted by some.  After re-reading what I wrote, I can see how people might take what I said differently than how I meant to convey myself.

I just want to tell you guys that I am okay.  Not only am I okay, but I am friggin' happy.  Happier then I have ever been in my life.  I know after reading what I wrote the other day, this is hard to believe--but it is so true.

My body issues do not control my life.  There was a time when I let my insecurities get me down.  There were days when I dreaded leaving the house, and was afraid to even go to school because I thought everyone around me would see me as I saw myself.  But, now this is not the case.  To some extent, I am beginning to understand that the person I see in the mirror is not the person my peers see.  I've had to come to the realization that my vision towards myself is distorted and unhealthy.

I wrote what I wrote not for people to say, "Oh, you're so beautiful Chelsea!  Don't think like that!" I wrote it because I know that there are women out there that share my strange struggles.  I wanted to show that the thoughts I (and others) have about myself are irrational--and that I am starting to acknowledge that.

So, basically I just hope you guys don't all see me as some a psycho.  Because I'm not.

However.  I am planning on watching Psycho on Monday.  Because guess what, guys?  It's gonna be Halloween.


Katie said...

ahaha. i like that you put this picture here. and i watched that movie once and almost peed my pants. not sure it will be a repeated experience.

Jess said...

Chelsea, I am glad that you share your experiences with us. I believe it allows us to realize that we all do this and when we see a beautiful girl and know that she as well doesn't think well of herself I think it makes us all start to think twice about it.
As women we need to stop being so judgmental of ourselves. The first step is realizing that there is a unhealthy habit going on and then talking about it. We let the control lesson as we open up to others about it.
So good job and keep it up. I do believe that you speaking about it will help others. We should all be talking our own issues we have our ourselves and be sure to talk to younger girls as well.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, I think you are one of the most confident, self-assured young ladies I have ever known. You have wisdom and grace beyond your years. Your firm belief in your faith and how you follow the Savior is testament to these truths of your true character. That is probably why James loves you so much and sees so much good in you. So do I. You might consider adding Wait Until Dark and The Night of the Hunter to your Halloween movie list. They are both very good, scary films that I think you and Mista T. would love. Have a Happy, fun Halloween.
Dad Trunnell

P! said...

I understood what you were going for with that post and I appreciated it. I'm like you where I realize my concerns are unrealistic, but there are those out there who don't and I think it's great that you are willing to share that with people in hopes that they can come to that realization too. Also, I can't wait for Halloween- thanks for the reminder that it's coming!! :p

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oh I know that's not the reason you did the post, I always think of you as a positive and confident person :) Everyone needs to vent/express their inner thoughts! Anyhoo I loooove the movie Psycho. Thanks for reminding me to watch it before Halloween! It's a must for this time of year. I love Hitchcock.

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karajean said...

Ahaha nice picture! I understood the point of your post :) I think most of us feel that way from time to time. Actually, yesterday was a hard day for me in that respect, but today is a better one :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I'm glad you shared. Hopefully my response wasn't rude. or too straight forward. Sometimes I say dumb things. Forgive me? :) But I know what you mean in the way that sometimes you tell someone that you struggle with something and they think it must be like that ALL the time. Like my anxiety. When people find out all of a sudden they think I'm a stress case all the time. That's not true. I laugh. I'm happy. Anyway, I feel ya girl! I hope you're having a good day! :D