Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Swap--Jess from Life . . . Live It!

Hey nuggets.  Today I'm blog swapping with the lovely lady below.  She's real cute.  And from Australia!  So, be sure and stop by her blog today.  Because I'm over there.  And I'm probably missing you guys a lot.   
Hey everyone! I'm Jess from Life...Live It!

Thanks for Chelsea for this awesome opportunity for this blog swap!

The theme of this swap is Summer,
Well for me... I'm dreaming and wishing of summer!
I live in Tasmania, Australia, 
Where it is freezing cold!

So let  me share with you a few of my dreams for this up coming summer....

  • Long warm summers days, laying in the sun, reading a good book.
  • Swimming in the warm ocean water, walking on the beach feeling the sand between my toes. Oh plus the bonus of sexy beach hair.
  • Road trips, windows down with the fresh summer air through our hair with our favourite tunes turned up loud!
  • Drinking icy cold beverages and eating yummy cold treats
  • Picnics in the park, relaxing under the shade of a tree
  • Camp in the backyard, sleep under the stars, sit around a camp fire and chat with friends
  • Big bunch of fresh flowers, sure i know their more like a spring thing, but they remind me of bright sunny days, so hello summer!
  • Aussie Christmas, summer for us means Christmas time, plus new years fireworks and of course my birthday right before Christmas!
  • Outdoor entertainment, having BBQ's with friends, sitting on the veranda around a table enjoying good food and good conversation.
  • Dancing in the rain, sure I could do that now... if I wanted to catch hypothermia.  
  • Lay in a hammock, reading and sleeping. Always have wanted a hammock, never had the place to put one.
  • Water fights, oh that would be so much fun!
  • Floating in a pool, cooling off in the nice cold water.
  • Snorkeling, never been but this year I want to try some new things!

I can't wait for summer to come around!
I want this summer to be new, fresh and full of adventures!
Life is short, I wanna make the most of every day this summer!

Hope everyone has had a great summer, 
And for those who are like me a waiting for the warmth to come... 
Enjoy the dreaming, the real thing is better!


Annette said...

Would love to visit Australia at any time of year! Blog swapping sounds fun!

margaritats said...

great blog!i really love to reading your posts!