Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ugly Duckling? Maybe not.

I just wanted to let you know, if you're a crazy lookin' awkward kid, there's still a chance you'll turn out alright.

Exhibits A-D
Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter?  Classic success story.

Steve Urkel from Family Matters?  Eventually outgrew the suspenders.

Curly Sue?  I really didn't think there was even a slight chance you'd turn out lookin' half decent.  But girl, you proved me wrong.

Dakota Fanning?  I'm on the fence with you.  You've been cute all along.

However, there are some of you who will turn out worse than you started.

Exhibits F-G
Frankie Muniz?  Your quirky charm turned into grungy mess pretty quickly.

Macaulay Culkin?  Eh.  I don't know what to say about you.

And others, who will remain exactly the same.

Exhibits H-J

And that's all I've gotta say about that.


tifsong said...

dear neville. good for you.

Farnsworths Forever said...

You are so funny. I love your sense of humor! Wonderful blog. :)

Kaycie said...

Haha! Agreed. Neville is EASILY my fave!

Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

Aw, poor Frankie, I always liked :(. However, HELLO Neville!!!

Cindy said...

Hahah good picks and Matthew Lewis(Neville) is a great choice! He's so handsome now and really...I think childhood should allow for some awkwardness. It strengthens you! :)

Deveny said...

Holy batman Neville! I would not have even guessed...and I'm not going to lie, he cleans up very nicely.
Oh Boy Meets World kids.... hahaha

The Meiers said...

I love that in your last category two of the people are from boy meets world..loved that show!

Alexis Kaye said...

your blog is one of my favorites! seriously, how do you come up with this stuff!? It's genius! I love it. Am I the only one who thinks the kid from home alone [dont feel like spelling the name] looks like he swings the other way? Can't get over how much the same topanga looks!

Autumn said...

Yeah, the actor for Neville Longbottom is ...hott.

Topanga...looks exactly the SAME.


Brittany Lew Whoo said...

love topanga!!! i think ron weasley should be added to this list.. he's hot stuff!

Megan and Justin said...

bahah this is hilarious! you are very witty :)

P! said...

I love this post- I love seeing what child stars grow into. I have a bad habit of youtubing it in my spare time haha- like the kids from the 90s version of The Little Rascals- that's fun to see too! Good calls on all of the above. ;)

Brittany said...

loved this post! super funny!

hopelds said...

Neville rocks!

Sara Shoemaker said...

bahahah I love your blog. It constantly entertains me. helloooooo Neville. mmm-hmm... very nice. hahaha that last picture of the dude from Boy Meets World is great. ugh Mculoauhfyargsdfg.. Culkin is so NASTY.

The House of Shoes

Amanda said...

Damn! Neville looks good! Like hot, actually. Who would have thought?!

mia said...

This was so funny and interesting! Seriously, Neville's is one impressive transformation!

The Waits said...

what happened to Macaulay Culkin???

Courtney B said... dang. I didn't know he turned into THAT!
And seriously, I have a little cousin who is a mini version of the grown up Macaulay Culkin...hahaha oh boy. That is so bad to say about family members but...poor thing! haha!
And I love to say Topanga (sp??) haha I am so weird but it's kind of a fun word to say! :)

Oh, My Darling said...

So many blasts from the past -- Topanga!!