Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, July 18, 2011

I wore shoulder pads today.

I never realized how much Ebonics I integrate into my conversations until I started working at an assisted care facility.  For instance, if I see a girlfriend of mine, I will greet her with an emphatic "Hey gurl, wussup?"  If someone makes a mistake, I might say "You trippin."  If I see a child, I will refer to them as a "nugget" or "shawty" 80% of the time.  Because I am, decidedly, hip.

Today, as I was visiting with one of my favorite oldies, I said, "I feel ya, gurl" when she told me all she cares to eat is cereal.  She scooted over, and said, "No you don't."  "Gurl, you trippin" also didn't translate when we were playing bingo the other day.  One of the residents let me know that she was not tripping.  She said, "Well, I'm sitting down."

Maybe I need to tone down my VH1talk a little.
Today I wore shoulder pads.

Did you just barf a little bit?

^ not a model
This shirt was my grandma's.  She was trying to throw it away a few years ago, and I saved it.  I was super hesitant to wear it outside my apartment, but then it hit me:  as long as I feel awesome wearing this, it doesn't matter if my co-workers think I'm a lunatic.  I'm allowed to wear whatever I want.  
When I drove into the parking lot of my apartment complex today, I thought this

 was an owl.  Trash bags?  Really? I think I need to go see Harry Potter soon.  My hallucinations are all HP related.
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The Waits said...

i actually really love that top! Hey, and it's a piece of your history. I cherish those types of things!!!-m

hopelds said...

Any piece of clothing will come back into style if you hold onto it long enough.

And what's wrong with shoulder pads?!?! ;-)

P! said...

You ALWAYS make me laugh- hahaha! I'm guilty of heavy Ebonics usage myself... my mom thinks she understands and tries to use it as well and it never quite pans out. P.S. Girl, you are WEARING that top!

Cindy said...

I missed you, Chelsea! I'm glad to see your rockin' the Ebonics...because I do it a lot too! Hahaha my friends actually imitate me sometimes to poke fun. xD

And the shirt from g-ma is smokin'! The shoulder pads add the 80's business woman flair. :D lol!

Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

Fake it til ya make it, right? I love it personally! I think you are outstanding!

Courtney Ash said...

So this post totally made me LOL! We are meant to be besties! I talk the exact same way ALL the time, my family calls me out on it, actually they just mock me but their just jealous I have more swag! haha and I TOTALLY see the owl too (not really, just tryin to make you feel better) ;) I would love love love if you joined my link up! You have all week to post a video...have an amazing day!~ xoxo

Anonymous said...

When the lady got up from Bingo, (Yeah, I know you wouldn't ever, but it looked so great playing out in my head.) you should have stuck your foot out as she walked by and said, "Not sitting now--are YOU!?" Yeah...I've got a demented mind. >:D

That shirt is just far too cool. I really dig the pads and belt combo. I could see why you may hesitate to wear it outside, but it NEEDS to be seen. Also, I LOVE wearing sentimental items.

Also, those garbage bags aren't owls! What're you thinking, psycho!? They're INSIDE the bags.

Huzzah for Harry Potter-related hallucinations. I've been so into fish lately, I see glimpses (well, what I assume to be glimpses) of fish, flitting about my vision. Probably not the best sign either.

Autumn said...

Your posts never cease to make me laugh. I'm imagining someone telling my 80 year-old great uncle who is hard of hearing something in ebonics.

Lara said...

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style." Billy Baldwin

If I actually knew how to do Eubonics, I'd say something here about how you and your shoulder pads should enjoy life together. In a much more hip way, of course. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

*could be a model

also, I love your ebonics talk. I do it too. People don't expect that kinda thing for us white gurls!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I always tell myself the same thing when I'm trying new things. "If I think I can pull it off, I can." haha

Amanda said...

I love that you rocked that shirt! It's awesome!