Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first outfit post.


Sometimes, after I go to the gym, I stay in my gym clothes for the rest of the day (seriously . . . who wants to get ready two times a day?).  But today I didn't.  I came home and changed into my favorite possession.  Mista T.'s "Best Bagger" t-shirt from 2001.

I just thought I would take this opportunity to brag, and point out that my honey can bag a cart of groceries faster than your honey (or at least he could ten years ago).  And he has this shirt to prove it.

Sassiness:  commenced.


The Meiers said...

your blog always makes me smile :)

Alynne Leigh said...

bahahaha :)

im incredibly jealous of your hunny's skilllllls

val said...

thanks for the sweet comments! I hope you had a chance to get in on the blog party! the giveaways are open till sunday!!!

karajean said...

Ha! I love this "outfit post"! I rarely wear REAL clothes all day long. Who wants to do that?!

Melissa said...

That's hysterical. I'm right there with you, I don't want to get dressed twice!!!

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Lindsey N. said...

Dude-that's some thing to be proud of!
(dude? what? idk)

I did take the pictures myself! Thank you so much. The one of the dad and the little girl-I had to try to sneak it in before they turned around and saw me creeping on them. haha.

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