Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can you give a girl a hand?

I was raised to be modest in my dress.  My mom taught me that my body is a temple, and that I should respect myself by dressing appropriately.  I used to be so obsessed with the concept of modesty, that I would wear a leotard under my outfits so that my skin wouldn't show when I bent over.  I would carry a "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet in my purse.  I was so good at being good.

As I grew older, I still kept the principles I had learned in my youth close to my heart.  However, it has not always been easy.  You see . . . I am a friggin giant.  I can't go anywhere without people asking me, "Hey.  How tall are you?"  or "Do you play basketball?"  I am 5'10" and I always wear heels.  And I don't play basketball.  I embrace my height fully--but, they just don't make clothes easy to find for women with my condition.  Apparently, the average adult women in the United States is about 5'3".

So, you can imagine that swimsuit season is always a nightmare for me.  How do you find a one piece swimming suit that fits properly (and is awesome) when you are freakishly tall?

I wish I could answer.

I have 5 swimming suits, and I don't like any of them.

I just tried on my 'favorite' of all the ill fitting nightmares, and I was unimpressed.  A definitely 'good not great' moment.

If I could have any swimsuit in the world, it would be this one:
But, I am too cheap to even pay fiddy dollars.  And it might have been made for a short person.

So, we move to other options.
I love this one . . . but guess what?  They don't even make it anymore.  

Another option:
But, what if I ordered it, and it was totally unflattering?

So, basically, what I'm getting at is:  I need help.  Where can I find an awesome, flattering, and modest swimming suit on the cheap?

Is it even possible?


Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

DownEast has tankini's that are SUPER long! I don't know if the two piece thing is even an option in your mind, but they are ridiculously long and you would never be able to tell. You could even sew the two pieces together to create a one piece.

Don't you HATE being called a giant? I'm 6' and boy, does it push me over the edge. I am tall, not giant or huge or...whatever ill word people use for us freaks of nature. haha

Alexis Kaye said...

YES! I was going to say downeast too! their swimsuits are WAY long! I'm tall too, only 5'8 but a lot of it is my torso. If I go with a one piece, I go with a halter so I can tie it a little looser. I'm also "blessed" with a small chest so I don't have to tie it very tight. It's a possibilty :)

Mary Nevin said...

Body is a temple, I love that. It's definitely a message that needs to be out there more often. Etsy has some great vintage type suits for cheap-ish depending on who is selling it. Also, Ebay has versions of a lot of super expensive popular suits for much less. Good luck on the search, I'm 5'9 so I share your struggle in seeking out the perfect one piece

Lisa said...

I'm 6' so I understand! When people ask me if I play basketball I say "No. Do you play miniature golf?".

Courtney B said...

I bet that last one would be way flattering! I love anything thats scrunchy!! Always makes me feel skinner :)
Yes to down east!! Although its not cheap, but they always have coupons or promo codes so watch for those. It will be so worth the money!!
I've also gotten super long tankini's from modbe. Love those! And shade. Good luck girl!

Nathan and Kristen said...

Shades in St. George has cute suits! (Im not sure on length for taller gals but it's worth a shot) They have one pieces and tankinis. They are modest too! I prefer tankinis because my problem is my chest. I do a halter so I can tie it in the back and it holds me up well. I love their suits and they are pretty reasonably priced too. Best of luck in your shopping.

Jess said...

I really like that top and bottom one way cute. I have altogether forgone bathing suites and just don't swim anymore. Though you could get tankini. They have them at Down East Basic and online as well and there other store Modbe. Check there.
I am short but don't have the perfect shape for one pieces. But those were really cute.
Good luck in your endeavor.

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I'm almost six feet tall and this is a little trick one of my older sisters (she's not tall but she has a freakishly long torso) has taught me.

Buy a swimsuit you like in a bigger size at TJ maxx (because they usually have nicer quality for cheap) and then take it to a tailor.

You'll get a cool swimsuit that fits you perfectly. And the most you'll spend will be fifty bucks.

Ruby Girl said...

oh my goodness, the question of questions!! apparently, we have the same taste in swimsuits, cuz i LOVE those. and am with you on the being too cheap to pay 50 for one :) marshalls/tjmaxx tends to be a great place to find one-pieces that are cute and reasonable. good luck!! and way to keep it modest! <3

Live Joyful said...
I LOVE their swimsuits.
YOU will love them too.
New follower here!

So Yeah So said...

Have you tried a tankini? My daughter is 5'8" and has always had a problem finding comfortable one pieces, even when she was younger. She isn't into bikinis, but loves a tankini. We bought one from Target this year. The top is long and the bottoms are higher cut so there's not belly showing.

Mrs. T said...

I bought 2 at Macy's. THey have a large selection. I had to try on EVERY suit in there before I found one that covered me AND fit. Of course, the last two that i tried on fit. ha!
Try the large department stores... Lands End... Eddie Bauer even maybe?
Isnt there a "tall" women's specialty store out there? I'm sure they have suits!

Ana Paula said...

I'm not tall (I'm hardly 5'4''), but I have a prominent cleavage which I, of course, try to cover as well as I can. Swimsuits just made it impossible, so I totally hear you! It's kind of frustrating to want something really bad, try it, and notice that it makes you flash some part of your anatomy to everyone. :S I hope the brands the other girls shared with you work!


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Ashley Sloan said...

Ohhhh Ahhh I totally know what you mean! I am def not as tall as you 5'8'' but every swimsuit is short on me too! Like the boob area is on my stomach! I think I just have a long torso. But if you find any good options let me know :) I am actually looking for a swimsuit now too! And I'll let ya know if I find any! Oh, and I am following you now! :)

Ashley Sloan

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

I did a post about this earlier this week actually, and I only posted modest swimming suits! The cheap part is the hard part, as you know.... I tried to keep all of the swimming suits within in a do-able price range though!

I have found some great swimming suits on eBay believe it or not that come from China or Korea. I actually buy a lot of clothes through eBay. The hard part is that the sizes are kind of weird and run small-- so make sure to only buy from sellers that mentions measurements! Good luck!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

oh sorry I forgot to put this in my comment. but one thing I also always do is buy from Alloy at the end of season, they seriously start having killer deals starting around the middle of July... I think I got my suit last year for about $25 + shipping!