Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Way I Am

Today was one of those days when I just popped out of bed with a huge smile, and an awesome attitude.  The gloomy weather outside was was my antonym.  All of this, for no apparent reason.

I decided I wanted to sing.  When I was seventeen years old, I heard this song by Ingrid Michaelson, and my heart became mush.  All I wanted to do was find someone to sing it to.  Three years later, I would find my mista.  The Way I Am is the first song I sang for Mista T., and it will forever be my favorite love song.


The Johnsons said...

Chelsea my dear...I am so excited that I can finally comment. Thank you Blogger for fixing yourself. Girl, you have a gorgeous, and extremely unique, voice. Love! And I'm glad that you found someone to sing that song to. You are such a doll and I'm so lucky to know ya babe! ;)

Cyndy Bryant said...

You have such a great voice. I love you so much and I am very happy that you are very happy. I wish you were here so I could give you a great big hug.
Love you much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette said...

Wow! That was so wonderful!! You sound and look beautiful! Keep singing and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chelsea, Mom T. and I just listened to your beautiful song tonight, right in the middle of American Idol, and it gave us chills, it was so moving and lovely. It was especially so because it was for our son.

You absolutely have to keep singing and maybe even write some lyrics of your own. You do have a special gift and we hope you will share it as often as you can.

With our support and love always,

Dad and Mom T.

Everyday Love said...

So beautiful!! Your voice is unique and gorgeous!

Chelsea said...

Awww, thanks everybody! I am still working on not being freaked out by this process, so I really appreciate all the support!