Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, May 2, 2011

Am I the only one not freaking out right now?

I am feeling completely apathetic towards my final projects this semester.

It's so strange--last semester, I was freaking out during finals.  Really.  Freaking.  And I had half the pile I have now.

For example, in twenty four hours, I have two ten page research papers due.  How much of those papers have I actually done?  Hmm.  About five pages.  There's more--but I'll save myself the the humiliation of admitting how great I've become at procrastination.

It's not a lack of time.  It's a lack of priority.  Right now I can't focus on anything.  My mind has been captured in a cloud of stress and worry.  My clarity has been held captive by distractions.

Writing is both my favorite and least favorite thing.  If I never had a specific topic to write on, I could write all day.  It would probably be worthless to many, but it would be fun.  When a professor assigns a topic for me to write about, I freeze.  I suddenly draw a blank, and am unable to focus on the task at hand.

It friggin' sucks.

I need a babysitter.  Someone who says, "Chels--it's time to do your homework.  Stop fussing with the house.  Stop checking your blog.  Focus, girl."

Mista T. doesn't make for a very good sitter.  He says more appealing things like, "Chels--it's time to cuddle up on the couch and watch L.A. Ink."

Help me.


The Meiers said...

hmmm i think i like your hubbys ideas better...

Sara Shoemaker said...

wow that does sound stressful! Maybe get your antsy energy out by going for a quick visit to the gym or jog around the block then settle down and plow through the work :) a change of scenery for a moment usually helps me!

House of Shoes

Papa said...

Oh I remember that feeling, Chelsea. While at BYU I knew if I found doing dishes and cleaning my bedroom all of a sudden became "fun" ...I was in trouble. Anything was better than studying.