Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes, I dream.

{Lydia Bradshaw (drums), Me (vocals), Heather Leavitt (cello)}

This picture is from the day I first sang in front of a large crowd.  I remember my heart racing as the flood lights hit my face.  There was a strange exhilaration only performers can feel.  A raw sense of accomplishment and pride.  As I ended my song, the audience erupted in applause.  Some even stood--signifying to me that I had done a good job.  This was a day I would never forget.  A day I wish to relive.  Since this performance, I have continued to sing.  Recitals.  Church musical numbers.  Around town.  But with school and the business of life, I have kind of neglected my passion for performing.  

I want to sing.  Like really sing.  In front of people.  For people.  With people.

I have this fear that if I post videos of myself on youtube or Facebook, or whatever, I will be criticized harshly. {Remember?  I'm afraid of being inadequate.} 

This scares me.  Singing has been my outlet for quite some time.  I sing when I'm sad.  When I'm stressed.  When I'm happy.  When I want to feel closer to my Heavenly Father.  Any emotion I have can be expressed through my voice.


Do I take the risk?  Should I do something that could potentially hurt me, in effort to accomplish something that could potentially help me feel more fulfilled?

Or should I just continue to sing in the shower?


Jess said...

I think you should do it. There are always going to be haters, but you have to do things for yourself sometimes. And if all else fails you can just turn of comments. :)

Have fun and cant wait to see your singing debut on youtube.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

do it girl!!! i know it can be scary (i post them on my blog..) but this is a safe place, and we love seeing your talent! show it off! <3

The Harrison's said...

I think you should do it Chelsea. I really liked hearing you sing in high school. Plus this is your blog and you can post whatever you like on it. :)

Papa said...

Chelsea, You have a uniquely sweet and beautiful voice. Share it and be pleased God gave you such a gift to give to others. One of my favorite songs is "I Dreamed a Dream" from the stageplay, Les Miserables. Live your dream.

Dad T.

Laura Eve said...

people of the internet are insane, haters post things out of jealously and because they are bored.

And you have THEE best voice. I think you should do it! If anyone ever posted something mean i'd give them some good sass!

DO IT. Teddy would love to be a backup dancer!

Cyndy Bryant said...

Go for it. You have a beautiful voice. Look how Justin Bieber was noticed!!!! I love you alot

Lynae Nae said...

did you by chance sing a kelly clarkson song at that assembly? Me and my friends still talk about how amazing that was! I say Go for it!