Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A juxtaposition of recent occurrences

I wanted to create a tradition.  Something Mista T. and I could uniquely call our own.  Something we could share with our {future} children.  But, most importantly, something fun.

As dramatic as I just made that sound, is roughly as simple as that tradition became.  This Easter, I decided I wanted to make my own Easter candy.  So, I did.  With the aid of my handsome husband, I made my own Recee's eggs and Cadburry eggs.  

{Not the most flattering photo,  but you get the idea}
I must admit:  these are out of control delicious.  I want to live off of them.  

We had such a blast doing this.  I totally recommend to you.

Mista T. and I were planning on recording an Easter duet to share with you on the blog.  However, after we watched the video, we decided against it.  We.Looked.Terrible.  This week we are workin' on our fitness.  For real this time.  When I told you I was going to before, I actually just decided to eat more and exercise less.  Naughty.  
I took this:
photo of Mista T. on Saturday.  When I showed it to him, he smiled and said, "Now I know why you married me."  Awesome.
Yesterday I found out that I qualify for financial aid for Summer Semester, so I'm going to start an internship on the 31st {of May}.  I'm pretty excited about it, honestly.  It's going to be a huge time committment {27 hrs/week}, but I can't wait to get some real-world experience in a potential career field.  Bring it on.


MicheleBryant said...

You make me laugh! I love you!

James said...

Gah, did you spell "Reese's" like that on purpose? I hate it when people pronounce it like that :P

The candy was mind-blowing, for the record.