Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Essentials

I've seen this on a few blogs, and thought it might be a fun way to get to know each other.  Or maybe I'm just vain, and I love to talk about myself all the time.  You choose.

Age:  21
Bed size:  Standard.  Pretty crazy considering my husband and I are giants. 
Chore you hate:  Drying my hair.  I wish I was Sabrina the teenage witch and could just point and make my hair beautiful without any electric appliances.  That would be heaven.
Dogs:  My family has a baby toy poodle, Teddy, and a grumpy, grandpa wiener dog, Oscar.  I live for puppies.  They are magic.
Essential start of your day:  Hitting the snooze button.  I snooze more than any human I have ever met. 
Favorite color:  Turquoise 
Gold or Silver:  Silver.
Height:  5'10" 
Instruments I play (or have played):  Violin, Viola,  Piano, and my vocal chords.
Job title:  Student.  
Kids:  I'm all for them.  But I don't have any.
Live:  Cedar City, UT
Mom's name:  Michele
Nickname:  Chels.  I'm not really sure I have a nickname other than that one.  I'm open to suggestions.
Overnight hospital stays:  When I was six I spent quite some time in Primary Children's Medical Center after breaking my neck--but nothing since then.
Pet peeve:  Food noises.  I hate hearing people eat.
Quote from a movie:  "A census taker once tried to test me.  I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."  Silence of the Lambs {This makes me sound way creepier than I actually am}
Right or left handed:  Right.
Siblings:  I'm the oldest to a  sister {Jacquelyn, 19} and a brother {Garret, 15}
Time you wake up:  Totally depends on the day.  Probably somewhere between 8am and 10am.  Sleeping is my favorite.
Underwear:  Everyday of my life.
Vegetables you dislike:  I'm not a big celery fan.  Unless it's covered in peanut butter or ranch.
What makes you run late:  Sleeping.  Priming.  Thinking.  Not planning.  Everything.
X-rays you've had done:  Teeth, hips, neck, spine.
Yummy food you make:  Mista T. thinks my bacon wrapped meat loaf is outta this world. 
Zoo animal:  I haven't been to the zoo in soooo long.  But I think I like looking at the elephants the most.

Well.  There you go.  The most important facts from 'age' to 'zoo animal.' Ha.  If any of you end up doing this, let me know!  I love stalking people.


MicheleBryant said...

Good job Chelsea Belle (See you do have another nickname!) I'll be thinking of you while I'm making loud noises eating celery!

Deveny said...

Totally stole this, let the stalking begin. :)

Annette said...

Sleeping is my favorite, too! I may have to steal your idea, it's so fun to read about people and think about your own favorites.

Courtney B said...

I'm totally going to do this next week!
Ah you broke your neck?! How?! So scary!

tifsong said...

i'll probably do this.

a thru z.
i like you.