Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Saturday, March 5, 2011


You see, I've been kind of addicted to this blogging thing, lately.  I love reading your blogs, and learning more about the beautiful people who write them.  There are some of you who radiate sunshine.  There are some who fill me with inspiration.  Who make me want to be a better wife.  A better student.  A better person.  

Today Mista T. asked me a very important question.  As I was gushing about the thrill I get from the blogging world, he leaned his handsome little face over to mine and asked, "When do you decide that your life is interesting enough that everyone would want to read about it?"  

Hmmm. The thing is . . . I don't really know.  I'm not an incredibly fashionable person.  I don't do super crafty things.  I don't have loads of inspirational messages to share with the world.  I'm just . . . normal.  

A few weeks ago my sister and I were talking.  She said:

"Being weird is so mainstream."

I know she was joking.  She's a little jokester.  It's part of her charm.

But it really struck a chord with me.  Being weird is sort of mainstream.  It seems like everyone is weird these days.  Maybe it's time for me to embrace normalcy.  Maybe it's okay for me to just do my own thing. 

So.  Maybe I will.
(But I will probably be a little bit weird sometimes, too)


Lisa said...

That sounds like James. Tell him that my life is super-duper interesting so he'll go read my blog (then yell GOTCHA!).

I'm not sure if weird is normal or normal is weird???? But that's okay. You are awesome.

Annette said...

I love your blog, Chelsea!

Everyday Love said...

haha I totally understand! I'm pretty normal, but I do have my weird tendencies.

Kylee. said...

Thats how I feel about the blogging world. THere are so many cute bloggers out there with amazing style, super crafty, amazing cooks and I lack that very much. I'm a poser. My hubby is having a hard time getting use to the fact that I blog. He doens't quit understand why I need to publish my writing on the internet and not just write in a journal like other people.
And I think "weird" is the new "unique". Everyone out there is trying to be "unique" and "different" so they can stand out. what a fun world. :)

Very Cute blog by the way!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I really liked this post. It made me think too. Im an incredibly normal person as well. There's nothing that Im particularly talented at or anything like that. Im just normal too. I like to embrace it and just look for the good things in life that make me smile. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

A Northern Girl With A Southern Heart said...

I love this post. And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I feel the same way. I'm not talented in anything either and I live a pretty simple life but I enjoy it. =)

Bee said...

I honestly don't think that I'm interesting, so I'm surprised when people read my blog. When I started I just wanted an outlet, and then I got the added bonus of having something to share with a few high school friends I don't get to talk to much. However, I also don't always post about my life happenings. Sometimes I share songs I like, words that inspired me, etc. I think the key to blogging is to do it because you love it and post things that you want to share. Then if someone wants to read what you post it's like a bonus.