Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey Lovlies:

  • Did you know that Forever21 is having a huge sale right now?  Really great stuff for really cheap prices.  If you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, I recommend you go here
In other news:  We have been without hot water/heat for the past two days.  Jealous?  You probably are.  Apparently the gas bill is something you have to pay.  Don't worry, though.  We got the bill put in our names and a warm shower is calling my name.  Also a sink full of dishes.
  •  I really want to buy a new camera.  Not a fancy pants one, but a good one.  Any suggestions?  I'm in desperate need of some memory documentation.
I love it when you think you have an enemy, but she turns out to be a friend.  Or at least a person who compliments your jeans when you tell her you like her coat.
  • I have only eaten chocolate so far this week.  Not joking.  Chocolate bar.  Chocolate cake.  Cupcakes.  All of this amounts to awesomeness.  I might should eat an apple?


Laura Eve said...

Let's go and run tomorrow. And those headphones would be lovely if possible... Too bad they don't have chocolate vegetables. I'd eat those, 3-4 times a day.

Chelsea said...

Fast walk? I'm so down, girl.

You can have them. My Valentine gave me some new ones . . . but I never used my old ones. Not even once.

Yes to chocolate veggies. Invention time. Go.

Laura Eve said...

I want it Soooo bad.
ha, fast walk sounds good.

ashley in wonderland said...

hahah this post is awesome.