Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The biggest day. And the longest post:

I've been married for 32 days.  I have to say, these days have been the greatest of my life. This past month has been such a whirlwind--but in the very best sense.

December 18th
James and I were married in the Saint George Temple at one twenty in the afternoon.  It was rainy and brisk, but the covenants we entered into that day truly brought 'sunshine to my soul.'  I will never forget looking at my handsome man from across the alter and knowing that he would be mine for eternity.  Definitely my happiest moment.
It was an amazing day, to say the least.

Huge props to my mom for all her hard work in making December 18th everything I dreamed it could be.
 And thanks to Dad for being so supportive and loving.
Jacquelyn and Garret have been the best siblings (and friends) I could ever hope for.  And they looked dashing for the occasion.
Grandma Frehner slaved away on my behalf.  Without her, this day would not have been half as lovely.

And my bridal party even toughed it out.  Such the best humans.

I was lucky  enough to have family from the East and West coast join us for this special occasion.  My beautiful aunt Cyndy and my lovely Grandma Bryant represented Georgetown, CA:
And my Aunt Natalie and her gorgeous daughters Courtney and Mackenzie from Fairfax, VA:
I feel like I might be getting a little carried away here with the pictures.  But you must know.  I loved every part of this day.  After the ceremony we had a lovely luncheon at the Pasta Factory.

I married into such a fantastic family.  Really.  They are the most golden people you will ever meet.
 (R to L:  Phil (brother in law.  Matchmaker.  Beatboxer.), Annette (mother in law. Homemaking goddess.  Sweetest human on Earth), James (the most handsome husband.  Ever.), Heber (dad in law.  Most thoughtful and considerate man you could meet.), Mary Anne (sister in law.  Brilliant.  Thoughtful and incredibly compassionate.), not pictured Lisa(sister in law.  Super woman.  Mom of the year.), her husband, Andrew, and babies (Brian, Clayton, Dory).
 Phil, James, Mary Anne.  Such good siblings.
 James' groomsmen.  Nate.  Phil.  Jared.  Garret.
 Heather totally caught the bouquet.  I  think we saw it coming. 
 James and I cut some cake . . .
 and got outta there.  With some classy Squeeze Cheeze and Oreos.
(Thanks pookie, for taking the photos)
December 18th was definitely a day to remember.  I kind of wish I could re-live it over and over again.  Sooo much happiness packed into twenty four hours!

(Remind me to blog more.  I have so many stories to tell.)


Lisa said...

What great pictures! Did I send you an invite to our blog? I will go check. Happy Birthday Chelsea!

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ya! congrats, i love the sleeve on your dress