Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Friday, November 19, 2010

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-->I am currently eating spoon fulls of 'extra creamy' whipped cream.  Way awesome.  Look out Thanksgiving.

-->I'm getting married in less than one month!  I'm marrying such a wonderful man, and gaining such a beautiful, new family.  James' parents are absolutely incredible, and his siblings are awesome.  I already feel like they're my own.  I really couldn't be happier.

-->With all of the hoopla surrounding an upcoming wedding and finals, I've been so blessed to have so many people willing to help me with the preparations.  My mom, impartially.  She is truly a super hero.  I'm constantly amazed by her many wonderful Christ-like attributes.  She twinkles and she glows, and she has made me a better person just by being in her presence.

-->If you are in the mood to have strange experiences, I suggest you become a Sociology major.  Tomorrow one of my professor's is taking our class of seven to Las Vegas.  We've been encouraged to collect hooker cards in an effort to more fully experience the 'culture' of Sin City.  Oh, and we're also going to notorious "D-Street."  Pray I don't get kidnapped, alright?

-->I only have eight more class periods before the end of the semester.  This semester has flown by so fast.  I can't believe it's already over!  Sooo much to do before the end, though.  A ten page paper, a twelve page paper, a six page paper, a five page paper, a four page paper, two class presentations, and two finals.
-->I learned something great last week:  I graduate in one year!  I thought it would be longer than that, but no way!  My academic advisor is magic. 

-->I love this a lot: "Be strong and of good courage.  You are truly royal spirit daughters of Almighty God.  You are princesses, destined to become queens.  Your own wonderour story has already begun.  Your 'once upon a time' is now." Dieter F. Uchtdorf. 


Michelle said...

You need to tell me all about your wedding and your colors and flowers and everything!!! haha Let me know if you still want me to be a bridesmaid or if you need any ideas or help!

tifsong said...

you are truly so lovely.

Mary Anne said...

Whip Cream is the best! Loving this quote tons.