Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


**It's been raining for what feels like years.  But, I like it this way.
**I've been consistently getting A-'s on everything I turn in.  No exaggeration.  I'm meeting with one of my professors tomorrow to discuss what a real A looks like.
**This little nugget is napping next to me, currently.
**"Aim high, but do not aim so high that you totally miss the target.  What really matters is that he will love you, that he will respect you, that he will honor you, that he will be absolutely true, to you, that he will give you the freedom of expression and let you fly in the development of your own talents.  He is not going to be perfect, but if he is kind and thoughtful, if he knows how to work and earn a living, if he is honest and full of faith, the chances are you will not go wrong, that you will be immensely happy."
~Gordon B. Hinckley
**I think I hit the target.
  (we're way cuter in real life)
**Conference was beautiful.  I'm so grateful Heavenly Father has blessed us with living prophets who act as his mouth pieces here on earth.
**Midterm is coming up!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  I swear October 2009 happened just last week.
**Today is so good.  Everything is great.    

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Lynae Nae said...

Chelsea! I hear you are engaged to this cute boy in your above post! I am so excited for you! you will have to post all about how he did it and the ring and just everything! congratulations :)