Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some morsels of goodness.

**Mista T. and I have been watching a lot of Law and Order SVU on Netflix,  lately.  How would I define "a lot"?  Well . . . it's basically taken over my life.

Case and Point:  I walk to school most days, which isn't really a big deal.  It's like a fifteen minute ordeal.  However, a few days ago, while I was crossing the street, I noticed that the man in the car next to me was giving me a weird look.  Internally, I start to freak out.  In my panicked state, I think things like "oh my gosh, this creep is totally going to kidnap and rape me."  "I'm going to die."  Etc.  As I continue to walk, I  look down and notice that my shirt is unbuttoned way more than I had expected.  Turns out I'm the weirdo creep.

**Mista T. got some movie tickets for his birthday last month, and we haven't used them yet.  Have you guys seen anything awesome in theaters, lately?  What are we missing out on?

**I've been in love with the combination of peanut butter and honey for years now, but recently it's gotten out of hand.  Mostly with honey.  I put honey on everything.  I reached a new low a few weeks ago when I put honey on a cookie.  Other amazing honey combinations?  Honey+Chicken.  Honey+Fruit (especially bananas).  Honey+Yogurt.
 <---Not me.


Nathan and Kristen said...

We recently saw the help and loved it! Even Nate enjoyed it.

Dana Richards said...

I also watch a scary amount of SVU haha. It's THE BEST! I watched every season on Netflix when I was in grad school (procrastinate much?) and now we watch it constantly on USA. I guess im not as bad as my friend chelsey though who just name her son Elliot haha

Annette said...

Love your blog. Mmmmm Honey sounds good...goes so well with peanut butter. James and I used to watch Law and Order together here and's a great show.

Katie said...

Ahaha. I love reading your posts. And I get addicted to shows, too! And then sometimes subconsciously think that they're a part of my real life. Awkward. I feel ya, girl.

Aaaand I am currently addicted to frosting. So yours is a much healthier alternative.

Cindy said...

Hahaha SVU is a good show! And the honey thing sounds yummy. I've never had it on chicken or fruit....I might try it! :P

Belle Armed said...

I love that moment when you realize that it ain't the people around that you thats wierd, it's you.

That feeling hits me every so often.


P! said...

Don't you just love wardrobe malfunctions, when you're completely unaware of them? And wondering why everyone is looking at you weird? And then realizing, oh, I don't know, you put your bathing suit bottom on sideways and are now showing waaaay too much at the pool? (I mean *cough* that never happened...)