Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The beach, and stuff.

I live in here:

Pretty adorable, right?


Well, the big shot city officials decided that maybe it wasn't adorable enough.  So, they added this:
Yep.  That's right.  They built a lake in my town.  Just for fun.

It's been here for over a year, but Mista T. and I first partoned it this weekend.  Now we're kind of addicted, and have gone every day since.  

Our favorite things to do there include this:
and this:
Because really, who actually swims in the lake?  We go for the ambiance.

Actually.  What really happened, is this:  Mista T. and I saw the lake, and got super excited to swim in it.  We got in, and it was cold.  And awesome.  We splashed around for a little while and it was great.  After about ten minutes, I noticed something on Mista T.'s stomach.  It looked like a cross between an alien, a dragonfly, and a leech.  I freaked out a little, and ran back to the beach.  Haven't been back in since.  Maybe I'll man up next time?  We'll see.    

For now we'll just stick to enjoying the sun.

On a completely un-related note, today is my sister friend, Jordan's, birthday!

Happiest Birthday, Jordan!   May all of your wildest dreams come true.

Jordan is one of the sweetest, and lovliest ladies I have ever known.  I am so glad she's a part of my life!


tifsong said...

what the lake? where?

you're beautiful. and i love that pic of you and mr. t at teh lake.

happy birthday to her!

Jordan said...

Yay! Thank you my dear Sister Friend Chelsea!

Jen said...

"a cross between an alien, a dragonfly, and a leech" this made me laugh out loud.. haha. im always scared of going into the ocean or lake cause of the scary things that are lingering under the surface!

Alexis Kaye said...

How funny/crazy/gross. I might not get in again either. I'm glad you can enjoy the sun, and maybe a tad jealous. Since it's 119 degrees here, you wouldn't enjoy being outside unless you enjoy being burned alive. Also, I'm really glad what I said helped you a little yesterday! Remembering that helps me a lot. Today I got my frist "hate blog" response about me. You know, because I'm ingorant to suffering and paint a picture of a perfect life. Sometimes I just have to laugh to myself and think "if only they knew"! Point in case, I had to remind myself what I was telling you :)

So Yeah So said...

So with you on swimming in lakes. It freaks me out. The bottoms are always cold and slimy and full of sticks and who knows what.

I think my favorite place to swim is a smaller river. I especially love the Spring River in Arkansas.

Courtney B said...

Where is this lake!?! What a fun place to just go hangout! I LOOOVE lake time! If I could...I would live on the beach at Lake Powell haha!

Lara said...

They made a lake there? Weird. Also, where? And is that Jordan Reardon? I think it is and if I'm right can you wish her a happy birthday from me?

Jess said...

That is totally awesome. So is it just for fishing then? They should really fix that so people can actually swim in it. And get pretty white sand with seashells as well. You know more for the ambiance. Enjoy the beach.

Cindy said...

Your town looks wonderful, Chelsea!!! And ahhh, I wish my town would build a lake....LOL it's really gorgeous there and amazing that it's man-made! :D sweetness!

and happy birthday, Jordan! :D

McKinley said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK! I would poop my bathing suit!!!

I would defiantly go for the ambiance too! And that town looks so cute and classic 50's!

Are there a lot of people? It doesn't seem like there are which would be nice to hog it all to your self!!!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

OK, that lake sounds scary. Eeeek! I think just sitting beside it sounds lovely:)


.Candy. said...

awesome lake to spend lazy days in! you are lucky!


Robin Cole said...

Prettiest pics EVER!