Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Come Back Kid

Life has been crazy, lately.  But crazy good.  School hasn't felt this busy in awhile.  But I think I prefer it this way.  I like having projects coming out my ears.  I like feeling busy.  Maybe I'm a psycho.

Last week was "Women's Week" at Southern Utah University. I was a little bit scared of it at first.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a woman.  I am all for women's rights, and women's equality . . . but I never really thought of myself as a feminist.  The word scared me.  I thought being a feminist meant hating men--and that's just not me.  After sitting through many-a-presentation focusing on what it means to be a feminist, I decided to ignore the experts.  I decided to define feminism my way.

To me, being a feminist means to embrace feminity.  To have the courage to put on your strappiest pair of heels, and show the world what you can do.  To not conform to societal images of what the 'ideal' woman should be--but to create your own ideal.  To be you when pressured to be what the world says you should be.  Feminism should not be emasculating--but freeing from unflattering stereotypes.  A feminist should empower women without degrading men.  A feminist doesn't compromise who she wants to be.  She has choices.  She does what is best for herself.

I'm pretty traditional in a lot of ways.  I love gender roles.  I love baking, and cooking, and fashion, and make-up, and nurturing.  I love that my husband takes out the trash, and fixes things, and is the provider for our family.  I love that I am so distinctively female, while he is so distinctively male.  I love that we are separate, but equal in our responsibilities.  There is a lot of mutual respect in our home.

So . . . being a feminist doesn't scare me anymore.  As long as I can do it my way.

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