Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, March 24, 2011


*I remember hearing Dieter Uchtdorf saying in a General Relief Society broadcast, "Make beautiful your surroundings, that the angels may delight in visiting your locations."  I love that quote, and really wanted to make it apart of my marriage.

Our little apartment has become such a sanctuary for us.  I don't mind the creepy little creepers living next to me, or freeway sounds at night.  I just love having a home to share with my handsome husband.

So.  Here's a little tour.
Living Room

This table belonged to my Great Grandma.  Isn't it the greatest?

I'm still not sure what I've posted this.  Not the most flattering angle.  Note the rotten bananas.

He's really good at that ^.

Almost everything shown above was either given to us, or purchased by us with money given to us.  We are lucky little ducks.

And really, that is basically it.  Ha.  My visiting teachers came last month and said, "Wow.  Your apartment is really small."  I know.  But guess what?  There are only two of us.  And even though we are both giants, we manage to fit in here comfortably.

Home.  It's where I want to be.
{insert techno beat, if you know wha um sayyin}

On a completely unrelated note:

My hair is new.  Kind of.

Oh.  And the security settings on our computer are really strict for some reason right now.  So I don't even know which pictures I posted.  Minus the first one.  Okie.

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Everyday Love said...

I think I have some rotten bananas in my kitchen too right now...You are so stinkin pretty! And I LOVE that table!