Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a lonely Friday night, but . . .

Tomorrow morning these gems are coming to visit husband and me:
(Do you appreciate that 78% of my pictures are from my wedding?  There is a new camera in the works, people.  Get excited.)
Cause for celebration, no?  Well, maybe not for you, personally, but definitely for me.  You see, these fantastic humans are my family now.  My newest mom and dad (T) and siblings.  It's awesome.  My family grew, and I didn't even have to give birth.  

We plan to eat at Gandolfo's  (if it still exists in Cedar City), and have fun.  Having fun is always on the menu with these people.  Because they are fun.

Speaking of fun:  today was fun!  My friend, Kristen, and her photographer friend, Jen, pretended that I was a model and took pictures of me in some of Kristen's cute feathered hats.  I felt famous.  It was magnificent.  Pictures of that are forthcoming.  

Have you ever tried making the Homestyle Bakes?  I was running short on time for dinner tonight, so I baked the Cheesy Ham and Hash Browns . . . word to the wise:  this stuff  is not great.  The ham is included, but it shouldn't be.  


Lisa said...

Have fun today! I wish you and I could have hung out last night, I was lonely too. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having you meet Andrew in April!

Diana Smith said...

Love having family come to town!!

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