Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a little bit of a rebel . . . Etc.

You see, I was once a criminal.  I had an arraignment and everything.  I got all gussied up and sat in a stinky room filled with men and women wearing orange jumpsuits.  It was not my favorite thing.

All because I shot somebody.


If you want to know the truth, I got pulled over for not having current registration--and then I forgot about it.  Completely.  For about three months?  Next thing I know, a fancy pants letter from the court house, addressed to me, arrives at my home.  I was summoned to appear in front of a judge.

I think the judge must've thought I looked like a scared little baby (or maybe she just liked my Sunday dress), because she acquitted me of any criminal charges, and I was only stuck with the original fine.  

Moral of the story:  Don't mess with the man.  He will find you, and make you sit in stinkiness.

Did I learn my lesson?  I'm not sure.  About a month ago I got pulled over again over the same issue.  I still haven't registered ol' Birdine.  I almost forgot about it until today.  I should probably mark that on the calendar as important . . .

One of my husband's most endearing qualities is his appetite.  That man can eat like I've never before seen.   I'll make a dinner portioned for six, and it'll be gone by the end of the night.  The boy loves his food.

That being said,  groceries have been our highest expense the past few months (surpassing that of rent, gas, and utilities combined).  It's cool (and unfair?) that James can eat thousands of calories a day and not gain an ounce--and weight loss isn't really a concern to him--but we're thinking it's time to scale back on food expenses.  So I ask:

Blog followers, what is your favorite cheap meal?  

Finally . . .
This pretty little thing is my Mary Anne Trunnell.
Shout out to my beautiful sister-in-law, Mary Anne--Happiest Birthday, girly pie.  I hope twenty four is your best year yet.


Jessica Meier said...

Crock pot macaronin and cheese..yum so good!
You put a can of sliced stewed tomatos and a can of cream of mushroom soup. ( i usally double this) you can add some onion but i usually do not. The you let that cook for a few hours on low...i stir it every now and then but you dont have to. when you are ready to eat you brown up some hamburger meat and add it to the crock pot and had a bag of shredded cheese..easy cheap and tasty

* jessica meier*

Mary Anne said...

Wow, I have the same problems with car stuff. I was at the airport last year and questioned for having an expired driver's license. I've also put registration stickers in my glove compartment and forgotten about them for far too long--yeah, got pulled over for that. I've been pulled over--well, no, it was cause I was in an accident--anyhoo, and couldn't find my current registration.

Then, I got pulled over last year for speeding and couldn't find my stupid proof of insurance. So, yeah, I really need to stop forgetting and mark these things as important. So bad.

James eats so much! I know. I wish I could eat that much at get away with it. Cheap meals? I'm all about casseroles, meatloaf, pizza, or soup. I dunno. There's more. Just tired.

Finally, as if I didn't love your blog enough--not to sound vain--, but you go and write a sweet lil blurb about me. Thanks!! I swear, the fun birthdayness is still going strong. Loving it ever so!! I hope it's my best year yet. Well, how can it not?! I've got you to bother now!!

Lisa said...

I still marvel at James' appetite. I think I gain all the weight he doesn't.

When I need to stretch a budget/meal- add rice to it. Chili with rice, chicken & rice, anything. Or add noodles or baked potatoes.

Good luck filling that guy up!

Anonymous said...

I can look at James at the table and marvel at what he can take in. He has always been a ravenous eater. At three, he used to ask me for a "sip" of my pop and drain half of it, so I learned fast to beware of Jame's monstrous appetite. I used to be a big eater too but now I eat only a portion of the past.

And I have noticed since you two got married and moved to Cedar that milk stays in the fridge longer, bread is still on the counter after two days and I still have leftovers after work to heat up. Yes, Chelsea, you have inherited an eating machine. We wish you luck! Hopefully it (he) will ease up as the years go on.