Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some things:

• School starts tomorrow. And guess what? I’m not even mad about it. I’m actually a little bit excited! If you heard my class schedule, you’d probably be jealous. Or maybe confused. Here’s a little taste: Sociology of Sports.
• The wind was very unkind to my skirt today.
• My new ward seems adorable. Granted, the female to male ratio is approximately 16:1.
• My Comfy Huggie is currently my most prized possession.
• Since moving back to Cedar City, I’ve noticed that my consumption of BBQ sauce has greatly increased.
• I don’t really appreciate lumberjacks as much as I thought I would.
• I’m getting braver. The kind of braver where you talk to people you don’t even know.
• Things are looking up. I can tell that the future is way bright. When I step back and look at things, I suddenly become aware of how truly blessed I am. There isn’t a whole lot to be sad or depressed about.
• Patience is something that’s never come easily to me—but I’m starting to understand how necessary it is.
• I like looking at pictures of people in love. A couple of weeks ago it just made me irritated. Now it makes me hopeful.


Laura Eve said...

Comfy Huggie? Or snuggie?
ha and yes it's the idea of the lumberjack that is better than the reality.
And this semester is going to be WAY great! I'm excited!

tifsong said...

you are light. bright. a ray of beaming sunshine.