Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well . . .

I have no plans. Seriously, kids. School is officially ending in a week and a half, and I don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to be doing this summer. I don’t know where I’m going to live, where I’m going to work, or who I’m going to hang out with. All I know is that I’m not going to be an EFY counselor. I kind of just wish someone would tell me what to do—because I hate making decisions. Any takers?

I just got my hair cut. And by cut, I mean I got my extensions taken out. It’s an adjustment that I’m confused about. Apparently my face looks less fat when I have short hair, but I feel more confident with longer hair? Grammatically, that shouldn’t be a question mark, but I’m posing the question to myself, I suppose.

Also, I have a real knack for saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time. For instance. I see one of my neighbors out of the open window here at Raintree, and begin going on about how he has a “Butterfinger milkshake face” and is, essentially, “everything that is wrong with the world.” Milliseconds later, said neighbor knocks on the door. Considering he said almost nothing to me while he was here, I’m positive he heard every single word. Sorry, man. I’m sure there are other people who contribute to the world’s inadequacies.

I think I’m the only one at Dixie State College who isn’t stressed out about finals. I need to kick it into gear, though! I bet the stress will come on all in good time. And then it won’t be a good time. But, as for now, I’m very content living in disillusionment.

She and Him are glorious.  Really truly.  I love them.

SHE is still great.  I'm glad she's my friend.


Mary Anne said...

Wow, Chelsea, I totally did the same thing yesterday with a guy. I was talking about his dad (which I didn't know WAS his dad at the time) and saying lots of er...less-than pleasant things. Thankfully, I was saying it quite quietly, but I still was standing fairly close to So anyhoo, you're not alone! Also, I know it's not supposed to be funny, but the "butter finger milkshake face" is so randomly hilarious to me. Ha ha!

Also, sorry you're not real sure what to do, but I think most things in existence don't really know. Things can change or happen so fast. Just remember what I always say (which you've never heard me say) Everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out in the end. Just keep those notions in mind. I know I have to when things get crappily-rough.
Furthermore, I also loathe making decisions. I'm incredibly horrific at it. Don't get me started. It takes me hours to pick out fabric , for starters.

Also, I wanna see you hair!!! I know what you mean about the whole longer hair lengthening your face. You should have Mackenzie consult you on what to do with your hair. She'd be more than happy to assist.

I totally know what you mean about not feeling stressed for finals. That happened to me like last semester or so. It's weird, but sorta refreshing. Enjoy that disillusionment--I sure would! It'll most likely kick in soon enough for ya'.

She and Him are freakin' awesome! I can't get enough of them. They're the best.

Finally (sorry this is so gosh darn rambly and long) the last picture is just great. Ha ha ha!

Chelsea said...

Ah, Mary Anne! You totally just made my night. Bless your beautiful little heart. We are so the same! I really do want to ask Mackenzie what I should do. Really, though. You are brilliance. Totally love you, girl.

jessie said...

yo. i love this. and we are totally in the same boat. we can hang out when we have nothing going on lol. wednesday is my last final. we will party like no tomorrow. ps your hair is not as bad as you think. ;)