Perfect in my Mind

Perfect in my Mind

Thursday, January 28, 2010


19 days ago I embarked upon my newest adventure. I left the familiarity of friends, family, and readily accessible food products for a little nibble of independence. That’s right, kids. I’ve left the nest. Flown the coup. Shuffled on over to Buffalo. Granted, my new found Buffalo is only forty-five miles south of my home, it’s still a considerable difference for this home-body. So far things are going well. Actually, things are going better than well. I friggin’ love Saint George. This bustling metropolis is a little piece of heaven for me. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family A LOT. They truly are the choicest souls to ever roam the planet. It’s just been nice to sow my wild oats. Anyway. I’m here trying to get into the Dental Hygiene program at Dixie State College. I’m currently taking Organic Chemistry . . . and almost nothing else until February 22nd when my other classes start up. Fancy, eh? I’ve even started getting back into the viola. It’s been long overdue. I’m very content. I get to hang out with my sister friend, Krista every day. My roommates are darling. And way good at sharing. Courtesy of Samuel Hardman Taylor, I have a pet fish, Snowball, who lives in a coffee pot. I’m dating a fantastic fella, who makes my heart smile. And I cut my bangs. Good update, right? Right.

On another note, today is my sister’s 18th birthday! Holla. Love you, Jacques!


Mary Anne said...

Hi, Chelsea. I just came across you blog from facebook and thought I'd comment.

You're a great little writer. I like your style and it's cool to learn a little bit about you and what's going on in your life.

Also, the pictures are way cute.

Hope to talk to/see you soon!

Krista Smith said...

hi. i'm glad you live here.
"I hope we do challenges this semester!"
they'll never get your spot.
Miss Third Chair.